Rapture 518

Rapture 518 is a horror/psychological thriller Audiodrama produced in Canada.

Dr. Sarah Penn is a resident physician, but she has not been at work for a few weeks.

Part of this is because of an imperative need to move from her rental house.

Part of this is not yet known.

And part of this is because of the unpredictable outbreak that’s turned mild mannered pedestrians into flesh-eating sociopaths.

Welcome to Rapture.

Welcome home.


Found Recordings - Episode J
Show Details25min 56s
Found Recordings - Episode I
Show Details21min 36s
Found Recordings - Episode H
Show Details14min 32s
Found Recordings - Episode G
Show Details13min 58s
Found Recordings - Episode F
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Found Recordings - Episode E
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Found Recordings - Episode D
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Found Recordings - Episode C
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Found Recordings - Episode B
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Found Recordings - Episode A
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S01 Episode 10 - Transposition of the Great Arteries
Show Details30min 1s
Show Details2min 16s
S01 Episode 9 - Continuity Equation
Show Details21min 7s
S01 Episode 8.5 - Mucociliary Escalator
Show Details9min 56s
S01 Episode 8 - Clinical Communication
Show Details20min 40s
S01 Episode 7.5 - Livor Mortis
Show Details8min 51s
S01 Episode 7 - Peduncular Hallucinosis
Show Details17min 54s
S01 Episode 6.5 - Pertinent Negatives
Show Details10min 20s
S01 Episode 6 - Pheochromocytoma
Show Details15min 4s
S01 Episode 5.5 - Aberrant Conduction
Show Details5min 49s
S01 Episode 5 - Poor Waveform
Show Details16min 41s
S01 Episode 4.5 - Rorschach Inkblot
Show Details8min 23s
S01 Episode 4 - Paradoxical Breathing
Show Details21min 10s
S01 Episode 3.5 - Frequent Flyer
Show Details8min 41s
S01 Episode 3 - Fovea Centralis
Show Details20min 59s
S01 Episode 2.5 - Startle Response
Show Details5min 33s
S01 Episode 2 - Preserved Ejection Fraction
Show Details15min 50s
S01 Episode 1.5 - Vital Signs Stable
Show Details5min 17s
S01 Episode 1 - Penumbra
Show Details15min 38s
Show Details3min 32s