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Rants & Gems Real Estate Podcast

Rants and Gems Real Estate Podcast

Matthew Garland better know as MG The Mortgage Guy and Quiana Watson are huge profiles in the Real Estate Industry. MG The Mortgage Guy is the Number 1 Mortgage Broker in the Country and Quiana owns one of the Top Real Estate Firms in the country. The two powerhouses have come together to form the Rants & Gems Show, where they will discuss everything in the Real Estate game. Whether its Investing, News, Strategies, Education, and RINSE nothing is off limits. In addition the duo will bring on some of the most respected and knowledgeable Real Estate professionals & investors in the industry.


Rants & Gems #65: Fed Raises Rates By Another .75% More Rate Hikes to Follow to Fight Inflation
Show Details1hr 20min
Rants & Gems #64: A Mortgage Loan Just For Black Borrowers
Show Details1hr 13min
Rants & Gems #63: Homeowners Lose Wealth As Rising Interest Rates Weigh On Home Values
Show Details1hr 10min
Rants & Gems #62 | Bank of America's No Down Payment Program For Minority Communities
Show Details57min 48s
Rants & Gems #61 | President Biden Student Loan Forgiveness
Show Details1hr 1min
Rants & Gems #60 | Mortgage Demand Declines To Lowest In 22 Years
Show Details1hr 29min
Rants & Gems #59 | How to Make Millions In The Chicago Real Estate Market With Rashauna Scott | Rants & Gems #59
Show Details39min 57s
Rants & Gems #58 | Feds raise rates .75% + Live Q&A
Show Details1hr 34min
Rants & Gems #57 | Austin Real Estate Market Housing Crash
Show Details1hr 13min
Rants & Gems #56 | The Truth About Miami And NY Real Estate Markets
Show Details37min 7s
Rants & Gems Highlights: How She Made $309,000 PROFIT Selling An NFT With Only $4,600 Dollars
Show Details4min 23s
Rants & Gems #55 | Beginners Guide To The BRRRR Method With Attiyah Blair
Show Details33min 54s
Dream big, then dream bigger than that! Quiana Watson IG live
Show Details20min 48s
How to buy a house in 2022 EYL University open enrollment
Show Details1hr 38min
Rants & Gems #54 | How to Build Business Credit Fast With The Credit Dude
Show Details46min 43s
Rants & Gems #53 | Inventory Of Homes For Sale Growing, and AirBNB In Atlanta Under Attack
Show Details1hr 33min
Rants & Gems #52: How to Buy Real Estate In The Metaverse
Show Details49min 52s
R&G Real Estate Rundown Market Monday edition
Show Details27min 11s
Rants & Gems #51: How to Make 100k in passive income through ADUs with Thach Nguyen
Show Details47min 34s
Rants & Gems #50: How to Calculate Real Estate Deals With Jude Bernard
Show Details38min 38s
Rants & Gems #49: How To Invest In Out Of State Rentals With Welby Accely
Show Details1hr 2min
Rants & Gems #48: How To Use Your 401k To Buy A House With Henry Washington
Show Details50min 47s
R&G Real Estate Rundown: Stop trying to time the market focus on time in the market!
Show Details45min 45s
Rants & Gems #47: How To Buy Multi-Families Under $50,000 With Beyond Wynn
Show Details58min 22s
R&G Real Estate Rundown: Recession And The Housing Market!
Show Details21min 56s
R&G #46 | How To Buy A Hotel With Davonne Reaves
Show Details58min 22s
R&G #45 | How To Become A Real Estate Developer In The UK
Show Details32min 36s
R&G #44: Secrets Of A Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent With Aaron Kirman
Show Details55min 12s
R&G #43: How to Break Into Luxury Real Estate with Rod Watson
Show Details1hr 8min
R&G #42: How to buy auction properties and make millions | UK edition
Show Details32min 2s
R&G #41: What you NEED to know about NACA
Show Details53min 50s
R&G #40: UK First Time Home Buyers Guide
Show Details49min 16s
R&G #39: From MILLIONS In The NFL To MILLIONS In Real Estate With LerRon & LeSean McCoy
Show Details1hr 17min
R&G #38: War And Real Estate With Ian Dunlap
Show Details38min 29s
R&G #37: The Ultimate Home Seller Guide
Show Details31min 31s
R&G #36: Investing Building Block
Show Details45min 32s
R&G #35: The ultimate first time homebuyers guide 2022
Show Details1hr
Rants and Gems #34 Black HomeOwnership
Show Details47min 9s
R&G ReRUN #10: From buying bando’s to developing a block with Charmcity Buyers
Show Details1hr
R&G ReRUN #5: How to Make Millions as General Contractor for Real Estate
Show Details1hr 5min
R&G #33:Commercial, Development, and Wholesale Real Estate Invest Fest Panel
Show Details57min 29s
R&G #32: Building Blocks of Credit
Show Details1hr 14min
R&G #31 Inflation, Mortgage interest rates are rising in 2022
Show Details40min 3s
R&G #30: Holiday Compilation 2021 Real Estate Gems
Show Details30min 6s
R&G #29: In Case You Missed It From Mud to Millions with Ayesha Selden
Show Details1hr 17min
R&G #28: USDA Loans Explained with Maja Sly
Show Details59min 28s
R&G #27: Don’t Sleep on Arkansas Real Estate with Henry Washington
Show Details50min 52s
R&G #26: Make Big Money with Tiny Homes
Show Details53min 44s
R&G #25: Rants & Gems Live | Joe Biden's Infrastructure Plan | Investors Spent $63 Billion in Q3
Show Details45min 22s
R&G #24: Building Wealth With Integrity
Show Details1hr 2min
R&G #23: Real Estate Market Update
Show Details23min 18s
R&G #22: Multi family real estate investing with Jullien Gordon
Show Details55min 53s
R&G #21: How To House Hack a single family home!
Show Details51min 18s
R&G #20: How to Become a Real Estate Developer
Show Details57min 55s
R&G 19: How to build generational wealth with Sabine Franco
Show Details47min 46s
Show Details48min 47s
R&G #17: Rent Vs Own
Show Details1hr
R&G #16: First Time Homebuyers/Investors Panel from INVESTFEST
Show Details1hr 2min
Show Details1hr 2min
R&G #14: Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Market with Beyond Wynn
Show Details1hr 16min
RG #13: How to go From 2 to 26 Properties in 4 years with Alexis Lee
Show Details1hr 6min
RG #12 FROM THE HOOD TO THE HEIGHTS with Pam Brown-Courtney
Show Details1hr 16min
R&G #11: From losing it all twice to financial freedom with real estate with Welby Accely
Show Details1hr 2min
R&G #10: From buying bando’s to developing a block with Charmcity Buyers
Show Details1hr
R&G #9: How to buy a hotel 101 with Davonne Reaves
Show Details59min 16s
R&G #8: We do this in real life
Show Details47min 10s
R&G #7: Real Estate Investing 101 with Justin Giles
Show Details1hr 18min
R&G #6: Mud to Millions with Ayesha Selden
Show Details1hr 17min
R&G #5: How To Make Millions as General Contractor for Real Estate
Show Details1hr 7min
R&G #4: Joe Biden’s tax plan in real estate and how that affects investors
Show Details1hr 17min
R&G #3: What you need to know as a homebuyer in 2021
Show Details58min 32s
R&G #2: Retail Buyers vs Investors
Show Details48min 24s
R&G #1: When will the housing market crash?
Show Details43min 56s