What I am thinking of in my life is, will it keep on going in the way that others wanted it to be, will it keep on going the way that I work hard to fulfil others necessity to be happy around with things and requirements that somehow going to change in a period of time, will there be time to be happy and blissfully to myself in between the fight for life and fear for death, will changing my inner self changes the experience that I had before in the same outer world if my thoughts and mind is alined in a way that I have the control of it then the emotions and reactions that I had to the same thing before is definitely going to change. Is the life of a person, life - here means the sole when it finds a body is it meant to be doing the same life cycle that is been followed over decades or over a generation's changes the soles get adapted and follows the same track as others? if the body has eternal powers spiritual high great imaginations why is it not working for everybody rather than a man in a thousand does soles play a part here or the bodies thought process?



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