Episode 132: The Truth About the Prosperity Gospel and Parenting with Kate Bowler

Episode 132
35m | Sep 19, 2023

One of our favorite things about interviewing folks on this podcast is that we get to introduce you to some of our favorite voices…the ones we trust most. Well, this brilliant, hilarious, wonder of a woman likely needs no introduction to most of you. But, if you’ve been living under some kind of rock and have not yet met the delightful Kate Bowler we are thrilled for you to get to know her here.

Kate is a professor at Duke University, hosts one of our very favorite podcasts, Everything Happens, is a 3x New York Times bestseller and someone we have been dreaming of getting to have on the Raising Boys and Girls podcast for years. And this conversation was everything we hoped it would be and more—we both were doubled over laughing and crying at different times listening to our new friend Kate share with such honesty and humility.

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