• Cerina's New Book for Babies & Toddlers!

    Yay! Cerina Vincent wrote her first book for babies! Everybody has a Belly Button hits stores NOW and this episode is all about what inspired it, why she wrote it, what it means to her, and of course Dr. Gator gets on his amazing soap box about why titling the book Everybody has a Belly Button is totally appropriate because yes,-- everyone must have at one point had a belly button. :) This is a fun one! Give it a listen and order the book wherever books are sold! 

    23m | Mar 2, 2022
  • Leslie Ann Murphy - Double Masectomy after Children

    This very special episode we have breast cancer previvor Lesley Murphy share her story about making the decision to get a double mastectomy when learning she had the BRCA/breast cancer gene. You may know her from The Bachelor, but Leslie is a travel blogger, TV personality, yoga teacher and now a new mother! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent had a really honest chat about her decision to have the surgery, how it impacted her ability to breast feed, judgement she faced around that, and many more details of her incredible journey and story. We are grateful to Leslie for coming on our show--sharing stories and learning from each other helps us all raise the bar on ourselves so we can raise amazing humans. You won't want to miss this episode! 

    31m | Feb 23, 2022
  • Take Your Vitamins! with Dr. Alavi from Frunutta!

    We learned so much on this one! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent has such a fascinating conversation with Dr. Alavi and Tonya Skurzynski about their genius dissolvable supplements line, Frunutta! If you have a hard time getting your kids to take vitamins, or anyone in your life has a hard time swallowing or absorbing vitamins and minerals-- you must give this a listen and give their products a try! Also--who knew that most vitamins we take are just full of sugar and chemicals?? Awful. We are grateful to people like Dr. Alavi and Tonya for truly helping us raise the bar on what we put into our bodies. 

    23m | Feb 16, 2022
  • Chew your Food!

    Well this is a fun one! Can't you hear your own parents voices in your head saying, "chew your food!" Well there are some very good scientific reasons for this. Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with Dr. Stasi who's a pediatric dentists and expert in the art of chewing! Chewing food completely is the first step in digestion and our society is turning into a a society that isn't chewing their food! As we teach our kids proper eating habits, we, as parents, also need to slooooow down and start enjoying meals. Not just for our mental health, but physical health as well! Grab a snack and give it a listen! 

    23m | Feb 9, 2022
  • Uh Oh. Caught Covid!

    Well, it happened. After YEARS of doing all the things and avoiding it, Cerina Vincent and her little one caught Covid. They are all better and negative now, but this episode Dr. Gator and Cerina chat all about it. Many of you have already been through it--and many of you have lost loves ones, It's a really tough time for the whole world. But for those under the weather or who haven't gotten yet, hopefully this episode will make you feel a little better. Stay healthy, stay positive and let's all keep raising the bar on ourselves so we can raise amazing children. 

    17m | Feb 2, 2022
  • Setting Toddlers and Preschoolers up to be Great Eaters!

    With many parents on New Year resolutions to eat healthier, Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent will once again chat about how nutrition is vital for the whole family. And how we can set our toddlers and preschoolers up to be great eaters! They chat with Jess Sherman, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and board certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition, about what should parents be considering when it comes to food, and what the connection is between food and learning and food and mood! Eat better, feel better, live better! 

    26m | Jan 19, 2022
  • Detoxification and Neurodevelopment - with Luminara Sedar

    With the newest autism statistics and the great feedback from our special autism episode with actress Ashlynn Yennie, we wanted to discuss this further. Dr. Gator and Cerina vincent chat with autism recovery expert, Luminara Serdar, who helps parents discover and address the root causes of their child’s challenging autism behaviors so that a child can be calm, happy, and develop to peer level and gain independence. We discuss toxicity, and other contributing factors to the behaviors of autism, and we also chat about the success and progress, and how many of Luminara's patients have had many issues resolved! 

    26m | Jan 12, 2022
  • Connecting the Dots Between the Gut, Brain, and Tantrums!

    Just in time for the holidays- with so much sugar and cake and cookies around-- we are, once again, going to discuss nutrition, because it's KEY to raising amazing, healthy, happy kids! In this episode, Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent discuss the connection between the gut, brain and tantrums! And how much our FOOD affects our MOOD! With leading health expert Piper Gibson of Regenerating Health, she gives up tips and tricks to help our little ones have fewer mood swings and meltdowns. All these tips apply to us adults as well! Give it a listen, share, and have happy, safe, healthy holidays!

    17m | Dec 22, 2021
  • Does my child have OCD? With Roseann Capanna-Hodge

    We often throw around the word OCD. But are these little quirks that we have in our family really Obsesive Cumpulsive Disorder? Or, is it just anxiety and normal toddler/preschool behavior? Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent dig into this in this very insightful episode with psychologist and mental health trailblazer, Roseann Capanna-Hodge. We discuss what signs parents should look for in young children who may potentially have OCD, how to handle it if they do, and most importantly define this term and patgology correctly! Finally, Cerina shares a story of what she's been experiencing with her almost 3 year old, and stumped both the doctors. Is it OCD or is it just a very strange habit that her son is obsessed with? Time will tell, but now she has some action steps to help her child through his anxiety. 

    28m | Dec 15, 2021
  • Toddlers and Ayurveda with Zubin Billmoria

    We've all heard of Ayurveda. But do we really know what it is? Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with Dr. Zubin Billmoria about one of the worlds oldest whole body healing systems that was developed over 3000 years ago in India. When it comes to the heath of ourselves and our families why wouldn't we think about cultivating "whole body" health-- rather than wait until we are sick and just treat symptoms? And there's a reason why these ancient healing practices work! We loved this conversation! Give it a listen and a remember to email us your questions! 

    29m | Dec 8, 2021
  • Tortacolis and Autism in toddlers with Ashlynne Yennie

    This is a very special episode. Actress and Autism Mama Ashlynn Yennie joins Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent in their new 5200 studio to tell her journey thus far of being a new mother and discovering that her amazing, sweet daughter has Autism. Also, for any parents out there struggling with Torticollis, Ashlynn shares her dramatic experience with that as well. Please listen and share this special epsiode--we laugh, we cry, and we are grateful to have such honest open celebrities such as Ashlynn to come on our show and help our community. Our hope is that by parents sharing stories, and giving their advice from their experience, we can all feel a little less alone in our parenting struggles.

    46m | Dec 1, 2021
  • How to Handle Picky lil' Eaters! With Celebrity Chef James Barry!

    Celebrity Chef James Barry joins Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent and they chat about how to handle picky little eaters! How to get the most nutrients in your toddlers and preschoolers and advice around snacks and desserts, just in time for us all to overeat on Thanksgiving! Chef James has an amazing and delicious product called Pluck that kids and parents LOVE! It's an organ-based, all-purpose seasoning that is so nutrient rich and unlike anything else on the market! Happy Thanksgiving Raising Amazing Community! Let's all eat well, be grateful, and keep raising the bar on ourselves and our parenting! 

    29m | Nov 24, 2021
  • Tech and Toddlers! with Julia Storm

    Oh the love/hate relationship we parents have with "screen-time." We can get a few things done, but we totally pay for it later with tantrums (or big feelings) when we turn it off. Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat about their thoughts, opinions, and struggles with screen time, and tech and toddler expert Julia Storm gives advice on how much is too much, what kind of content is appropriate for our toddlers and preschoolers, and tips on how to put away our phones and connect! 

    28m | Nov 17, 2021
  • Nutrition, Toxins, and Toddler Milk with Serenity Kids!

    You are what you eat. Plain and simple. We know this to be true as adults-- so why are so many kid food products on the market filled with toxins and chemicals and fake sugars and fats? We need good humans, business owners, and parents to step up and help make changes to what our babies and toddlers are eating; and Joe and Serenity of Serenity Kids of have done just this! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with this power couple about their journey in creating their incredible baby and toddler foods, as well as their new toddler milk formula! They are truly raising the bar on what's on the shelves in our grocery stores - and we are grateful to them for giving us all truly healthier options for our amazing little ones!

    43m | Nov 10, 2021
  • Finding Balance and Living Meditation! with Dr. Jenelle Kim

    Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with Dr. Jenelle Kim about her new book Myung Sung, the Korean Art of Living Meditation. Doc gets on his soap box about "the radical middle way" and we just can't say it enough; the secret to a happy life is balance--as parents and care givers, and for our children. And this secret has been around for centuries! We can learn so much from ancient teachings and Eastern medicine and it is time we start incorporating them into our daily lives. And if our lives are too busy to actually sit down and mediate, we need to create living meditations and calming practices so we can reach the goal that everyone wants for themselves and their children; HAPPINESS!

    39m | Nov 3, 2021
  • We're BAAAACK! Halloween Candy & Safety!

    Raising Amazing is back for Season 2! And just in time for Halloween! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent catch up and chat about what listeners can expect for Season 2, and they discuss Halloween safety, Halloween candy, and fun little tricks to get your kids to eat less sugar - like the sneaky little Switch Witch! And... they are raising the bar on their podcast! Now IN PERSON at 5200 Studio and so excited to dive back into all the ways we can raise the bar on ourselves and our parenting, so we can raising amazing little humans!

    23m | Oct 27, 2021
  • We'll Be Back for Season Two!

    Thank you to all our listeners for checking in on Raising Amazing Each week. We are taking a short hiatus to prepare for Season Two! Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Raising Amazing.

    0m | Sep 18, 2021
  • Time to get balanced and EVEN!

    Now more than ever our world, and our health, is out of balance. Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent are both passionate about finding ways to balance the mind and body for our little ones - and parents! This episode they chat with Sarah Morgan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Even, medical foods that balance the body for patients who experience side effects from prescription drugs. It was a fascinating conversation - especially in re: to birth control pills and Cerina gets super honest about her experience! Doctor Gator answers a really great question from a Mom about allergies, and this a reminder to send us your questions and we'll put them in the show! 

    34m | Sep 8, 2021
  • Feeding Kiddos with Food Allergies.

    From subtle food sensitivities to kids who are anaphylactic, feeding our kids with food allergies can be tough on the whole family. In this episode Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with actor, producer and father, Thomas Nicholas. Thomas dives into his experience with his son's, (Nolan River's) serious allergy to tree-nuts. Thomas shares his experiences and also gives so many great tips and advice for parents! 

    46m | Sep 1, 2021
  • Cut Clutter, Take Out Toxins, & Serve on Stainless Steel!

    There's nothing you can trust more than two pediatricians and parents chatting about what THEY do for their own kids! Dr. Gator and Cerina Vincent chat with pediatrician Dr. Manasa Mantravadi about her new line of stainless steel dishes for babies, toddlers and kids! Ahimsa Home Tableware is not just clean, colorful, and clutter free, but it's toxin free, too! We all know that plastic is bad for the planet, but it's also really bad to store food and eat off of --even worse when microwaved and put in the dishwasher. When we know better, we can do better. And this fascinating conversation about toxic chemicals inspired Cerina to cut clutter, take out toxins, and only serve on stainless steel. We hope it'll inspire you to make some small changes, too. For the health of ALL of our kids... and our planet!

    49m | Aug 25, 2021
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