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Raising Amazing

Every parent hopes they are Raising Amazing humans. From fussy first months to testy teenage years—parents need engaging, fact-based solutions to help them navigate all of their parenting concerns. This generation of parents are also looking to raise the bar when it comes to parenting—to raise their children differently than their own parents. They are searching for support, solutions, and advice they can trust as they try, every day, to be amazing parents. 

Dr. Gator, a board-certified Pediatrician, has come together with actor and author, Cerina Vincent, to create a podcast that gives parents practical tips for Raising Amazing…as well as much needed peace of mind! Never before have a doctor and a celebrity come together in one podcast. With so many artists in the entertainment industry passionate about intentional, holistic, and natural living, as well as dedicated to the mental and emotional wellbeing of all of our kids, Raising Amazing is science-based help for parents that will truly educate, entertain, and enlighten everyone from exhausted new mamas to the seasoned parents.


Cerina's New Book for Babies & Toddlers!
Show Details23min 4s
Leslie Ann Murphy - Double Masectomy after Children
Show Details31min 54s
Take Your Vitamins! with Dr. Alavi from Frunutta!
Show Details23min 47s
Chew your Food!
Show Details23min 10s
Uh Oh. Caught Covid!
Show Details17min 56s
Setting Toddlers and Preschoolers up to be Great Eaters!
Show Details26min 52s
Detoxification and Neurodevelopment - with Luminara Sedar
Show Details26min 21s
Connecting the Dots Between the Gut, Brain, and Tantrums!
Show Details17min 54s
Does my child have OCD? With Roseann Capanna-Hodge
Show Details28min 32s
Toddlers and Ayurveda with Zubin Billmoria
Show Details29min 50s
Tortacolis and Autism in toddlers with Ashlynne Yennie
Show Details46min 10s
How to Handle Picky lil' Eaters! With Celebrity Chef James Barry!
Show Details29min 35s
Tech and Toddlers! with Julia Storm
Show Details28min 12s
Nutrition, Toxins, and Toddler Milk with Serenity Kids!
Show Details43min 25s
Finding Balance and Living Meditation! with Dr. Jenelle Kim
Show Details39min 6s
We're BAAAACK! Halloween Candy & Safety!
Show Details23min 21s
We'll Be Back for Season Two!
Show Details21s
Time to get balanced and EVEN!
Show Details34min 18s
Feeding Kiddos with Food Allergies.
Show Details46min 10s
Cut Clutter, Take Out Toxins, & Serve on Stainless Steel!
Show Details49min 59s
Family Bonding and Connection
Show Details42min 32s
Postpartum in a Pandemic - Part 2
Show Details41min 46s
Postpartum in a Pandemic - Part 1
Show Details38min 12s
Get down and PLAY!
Show Details42min 51s
Potty Training Tips and Tricks!
Show Details38min 37s
Transform your Toddler and Yourself!
Show Details51min 16s
Toddlers and Terrible Twos!
Show Details32min 12s
Natural Remedies for Aches and Pains.
Show Details36min 54s
Pride Month!
Show Details53min 54s
Celebrating PRIDE and Father's Day with TWO DADS!
Show Details47min 23s
Early Puberty and Hormone Intelligence.
Show Details49min 37s
From Trauma To Triumph
Show Details1hr 1min
Stuck at Home as a Teen.
Show Details1hr 8min
We Are What We Eat
Show Details39min 41s
Pregnant in a Pandemic
Show Details53min 15s
No More Mom Guilt!
Show Details1hr 7min
Meeting the Moment with Tools for Transformation
Show Details52min 45s
Reconnect with the Planet
Show Details41min 22s
Cut Chemicals, Get Cooking, and then (YES!) Let them Eat Cake!
Show Details55min 59s
Check-Up: What should I feed my child?
Show Details7min 53s
Clueless About Zoom School
Show Details1hr 17min
Quick Check Up: How much screen time is really okay?
Show Details3min 51s
The Magic of Mindfulness & Meditation
Show Details44min 2s
Raising Amazing Children
Show Details48min 15s
Welcome to Raising Amazing!
Show Details1min 17s