Rage Quit

Rage Quit is the Video Game segment of The Bear of Texas Podcast! Alex Al-Kazzaz will sit down with a fellow gamer and they will embark in discussions relating to the fantastic world of gaming. Stories, experiences, favorite games, critiques, etc. You will hear a lot! Retro and Modern will be talked about!


MLB The Show
Show Details51min 43s
Show Details27min 50s
Call of Duty: World at War
Show Details28min 51s
Gotham's Most Wanted
Show Details46min 40s
Three Leaf Clover (GTA IV)
Show Details19min 42s
Minor Turbulence (GTA V)
Show Details18min 7s
All-Star Baseball 2000
Show Details25min 6s
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing
Show Details24min 30s
Show Details55min 27s
Tekken 3 and 4
Show Details27min 14s
Left 4 Dead
Show Details42min 22s
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Show Details39min 42s
James Bond 007
Show Details35min 52s
GoldenEye 007
Show Details34min 57s
Grand Theft Auto V
Show Details37min 41s
Gaming Roots!
Show Details1hr 4min
Rage Quit Official Trailer
Show Details1min 3s