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A Bitcoin podcast by plebs for plebs. Bitcoin offers humanity peace and freedom ... we should talk about that.


Episode 6 - The Orange Pill Can Be Hard to Swallow... JoeFi's Tips on Easing the Orange Pill
Show Details22min 31s
Episode 5 - El Salvador - Bukele is not a HERO
Show Details12min 17s
Episode 4 - The Gift of Bitcoin - Thoughts and Ideas About Giving the Gift of BTC
Show Details14min 57s
Episode 3 - I AM SATOSHI ... The search is over
Show Details18min 58s
Episode 2 - Cuba - A summary of "Inside Cuba's Bitcoin Revolution" By Alex Gladstein
Show Details24min 56s
Episode 1 - There is HOPE -- From Despair to Freedom
Show Details4min 26s