Dead Man's Curve

Episode 65
1h 31m | Sep 15, 2023

There is a familiar story here. Two affluent college students, Tim (Matthew Lillard) and Chris (Michael Vartan), kill their roommate, Rand (Randall Batinkoff), and make it look like a suicide. The plan is to then accept the school’s policy of giving students who have a deceased roommate all A’s for the semester. Things quickly start to unravel amongst the friends, Emma (Keri Russell) becomes more involved in this crime and things might not be exactly as they seem. RTS love Matthew Lillard – it’s his three-peat! We learn a lot while hanging out at that lighthouse with these students. Jeremy and Collin help to unravel this mystery and to smoke some random cigars everywhere that is inconvenient for everyone else. Join us for this second part of our back to school special. School or die! Don’t forget to pack a suitcase when you jump into the water. And, always carry some nunchucks!

Rabbit Troop Sucks