The Stuff

Episode 84
1h 38m | Sep 22, 2023

Corporations are scrambling to find out what the ingredients of The Stuff are. It’s so good! Have some Stuff! You know you want to! Hell, people are eating it from the ground! To find the truth of it all, we have a real crack crew investigating it. David ‘Mo’ Rutherford (Michael Moriarty) is hired as a corporate spy. He somehow has unlimited funds and immediately hires and dates Nicole (Andrea Marcovicci). They pick up Jason (Scott Bloom) to make poor decisions. And, we have ‘Chocolate Chip’ Charlie (Garrett Morris) on a mission to get his money back. Get ready for a “goo” drinking game. The mention of “goo” is good for a sip – don’t be a heavy pour here. RTS goes “bonkers” in a grocery store to get away from Stuff consumption. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin get goo-tastic with this goo-riffic film! The horror! The loss! The intrigue? Double your drinks/sips when someone randomly gets punched in the face! “Everyone has to eat some shaving cream once in a while.”

Rabbit Troop Sucks