• Clue

    It’s our two-year anniversary! Thanks for listening, and make sure to check out this phenomenal film! This is possibly the most fun you’ll have with a whodunit. The cast is brilliant! It includes Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Wadsworth (Tim Curry), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mr. Green (Michael McKean), Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull) and Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren). Guests are invited for dinner in a mansion on a rainy night in New England, 1954. As each guest arrives, a mystery is revealed, and Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving) is dead! Classic! RTS hideout in the study with a bottle of brandy. La-Mar finds a secret passage in the library, Collin grabs a bowl of soup in the kitchen before calling the FBI and Jeremy sells us out for a moment with Yvette (Colleen Camp). We’ll get to the bottom of it. Any way you end it (and there are multiple endings), you are going to be in for a treat. Thanks again for tuning in!

    E109 - 1h 7m - Jul 12, 2024
  • No Holds Barred

    It’s time to go full Hulk during this 4th weekend! Rip (Hulk Hogan) is a complex man doing charitable things when he’s not being the Wrestling Federation champion. Brell (Kurt Fuller) wants to own the best but can’t have Rip. He does not like that one bit, so he starts “The Battle of the Tough Guys” and makes sure Zeus (Tom Lister Jr.) gets Rip in the ring for the event of a lifetime. It’s all about those ratings! Hasn’t it always been? Samantha (Joan Severance) does some stuff and then doesn’t. That doesn’t seem to matter all too much. Randy (Mark Pellegrino) causes an incident because he hasn’t gained his supernatural powers. You’ll see the Hulkster on a motorcycle! In a wrestling tuxedo! And, you’ll see him in attire your imagination cannot comprehend. “A future ballerina pirate.” You’ll see it all! RTS explode! There were too many growls and too much lace. Explode! La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin make sure to keep their cool. It’s what the kids needed! Enjoy your July 4th weekend, and keep it classy in the ring, brother!

    E108 - 1h 15m - Jul 5, 2024
  • Batman

    This Tim Burton directed take on Batman is a must see. You’ll be treated to an epic score by Danny Elfman! There are many fun Prince songs as well. Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton), who is Batman by night, just wants the city of Gotham to be chill. But, that just can’t happen! After Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) becomes the Joker and runs the crime world, things get dangerously chaotic. Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger) is trying to get a photo of Batman but is getting distracted by her romantic feelings for Wayne. The Joker also wants Vale’s affections! So many secrets and so much drama! Just don’t forget that Bob (Tracy Walter) is your “number one guy.” RTS explore the Batcave and “love that Joker!” La-Mar and Collin check out the art scene and insist you “never rub another man’s rhubarb.” Davin loads up his utility belt and makes his Rabbit Troop Sucks debut to clean up Gotham. Make time to check out this trailblazing Batman film. Join us for this extended, batty episode where we discuss all things Batman at the same Bat-time on the same Bat-channel. And, “if you gotta go, go with a smile!” 

    E107 - 1h 41m - Jun 28, 2024
  • The Burbs

    We are back with more fun from director Joe Dante. Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) has earned his relaxing summer week off. That’s going to be difficult when strange new neighbors move in amongst a cul-de-sac of gossip and snooping. Carol Peterson (Carrie Fisher) just wants to take the family to the lake. When Princess Leia asks, you go! Unfortunately, Mark Rumsfield (Bruce Dern) and Art Weingartner (Rick Ducommun) have some persuasively strong concerns about the new neighbors. Bonnie Rumsfield (Wendy Schaal) assists in unraveling the mystery of the Klopeks and avoids tan lines. RTS might begin occasionally chanting. Who’s going to kill who? Who is good? Who is our pal? La-Mar and Collin play with some wallpaper and try some lovely sardines. Later, we will all be at Ricky Butler’s (Corey Feldman) awesome party. Pizza is coming! We hope you don’t reach a 9 on the tension scale. Stick with us, Pinocchio! Be warned: these suburbanites are not taking any guff!

    E106 - 1h 29m - Jun 21, 2024
  • Cloak & Dagger

    Happy Father’s Day! We hope your weekend includes tasty food, sleuthing and loading up your classified cartridges (tapes). Young Davey Osborne (Henry Thomas) has a wild imagination, and he has an imaginary friend, Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman), who is also the image of his father, Hal (also Dabney). While playing a spy game around town, Davey witnesses a murder and is handed a top-secret cartridge. He and his friend Kim (Christina Nigra) then get caught up in a bonkers situation that only their spy games have prepared them for. Maybe! Their computer friend Morris (William Forsythe) confirms their video game contains government secrets. Now, a bunch of over-eager, wall-breaking goons are after them! Luckily, sweet Eunice (Jeanette Nolan) and George (John McIntire) are able to assist Davey in his mission. Something might not be right though. Trust your instincts! RTS sneaks within the shadows and perfects the “Crossfire Gambit.” La-Mar, Collin and Jeremy learn when to roll the dice and when to get off the boat. There will be a lot of running. Cloaking? Yes! Daggering? You bet! You’ll also discover who the needed father is. We miss you Dabney! We look forward to watching many more of your films. 

    E105 - 1h 36m - Jun 14, 2024
  • Hot Rod

    Summon your spirit animals and let’s go stunting! Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) wants to follow in his father’s stuntman footsteps. He has assembled an entire crew! His half-brother Kevin (Jorma Taccone) is the team manager and works on filming. Dave (Bill Hader) is the mechanic when he’s not working at the skating rink. Rico (Danny McBride) builds the ramps and has access to looted goods. And, Denise (Isla Fisher) has recently joined and is there for Taichi training and crushing on. Rod’s stepfather, Frank (Ian McShane) needs a heart transplant but doesn’t have the funds. Only Barry Pasternack (Chris Parnell) and the power of AM radio can help Rod raise the needed money! RTS have been drinking green tea all GD day! La-Mar and Collin make sure to keep their mustaches fresh and to carefully eat all their pies. You’ll be surprised by the cooked goose and the taco vs. grilled cheese fight. Train hard! Believe in yourself! “Stay sweet.”

    E104 - 1h 20m - Jun 7, 2024
  • Can't Hardly Wait

    Congratulations to all of the graduates out there! It’s time for one last bash before the summer kicks off. Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) has gone near obsessive-gaga over Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt) since freshman year. Now that Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli) has broken up with her, maybe he can express his feelings to her. It all starts with a frosted strawberry Pop Tart. It’s kismet! Meanwhile, William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo) plots his revenge on Mike for the years of tournament. He’ll try to navigate through “Paradise City.” Also, Denise (Lauren Ambrose) is locked in a bathroom with Kenny (Seth Green) and his backpack of sexiness. RTS attend this soiree with high hopes and Barry Manilow in their hearts. Collin makes it clear that you can buy his flavor, but you can’t waste his flavor. Is everything just fated to happen? Can a letter change it all? When is the band going to start? Jerry O’Connell! What?!

    E103 - 1h 25m - May 31, 2024
  • The Golden Child

    A private investigator, Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy), who specializes in finding missing children is requested and destined to find the whereabouts of the kidnapped Golden Child (J.L. Reate). He’s been chosen! The frownie-faced, no no-nonsense villain Sardo Numspa (Charles Dance) and his monster henchman (who are the worst at their jobs) will try to bumble their way in completing their evil plans which is to make the world a hell. Kee (Charlotte Lewis) helps persuade Jarrell to visit Tibet, fight a bone demon and save the world. And when she’s not doing that, she’s flipping and kicking – some of that is into his heart. All of this is under the watchful eye of The Old Goupa (Victor Wong) and assisted by Doctor Hong (James Hong). RTS drinks some filthy water to obtain the Ajanti dagger. Totally worth it! Jeremy and La-Mar avoid eating the blood oatmeal and try out some monastery leaves. Be careful in your dreams, stay true to yourself and we all need to check in on “dear, sweet brother Numsy.”

    E102 - 1h 10m - May 24, 2024
  • Romancing the Stone

    Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is a popular romance author who gets a crash course in nonfiction when she has to save her kidnapped sister by delivering a treasure map to the criminal duo Ralph (Danny DeVito) and Ira (Zack Norman) in Columbia. Luckily, somewhat foolhardy, yet trustworthy, Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) shows up and agrees (for money) to guide Joan, which helps her find herself in her own adventure. Oh boy, are there going to be some crocodiles! Romance as well! Romance and crocodiles! Juan (Alfonso Arau) is a huge fan of Joan’s writing! Let’s go jungle-trucking with him! Meanwhile, Zolo (Manuel Ojeda) is going to mustache-knife his way to that treasure. RTS are intrigued by the cave tchotchke and boating in downtown New York. Collin, Jeremy and La-Mar go mud-sliding with the best of them and find secret jungle-plane tequila. Maybe this is where the pudding rings come from. This film is an adventure worthy of everyone’s time! In the end, friends celebrate Mother’s Day/week with some Voodoo Doughnuts, mimosas and a fun flick. You should too!

    E101 - 1h 23m - May 17, 2024
  • Hackers

    It’s our 100th episode! Let’s celebrate! Renoly Santiago (Phantom Phreak) from the film graciously joins us for an interview! How cool is that? Definitely tune in for this! And, thank you for listening! When he was a kid, Dade (Jonny Lee Miller) wrote a computer virus that crashed 1,507 computers and caused a seven-point drop in the New York Stock Exchange. Through court orders, he’s banned from computers until he turns 18. Fast forward, it’s his 18th birthday and he has just moved to New York with his mom, and he’s going to finish his senior year of high school. Time to hack and meet some friends along the way. Amongst a hacking contest between his crush, Kate/”Acid Burn” (Angelina Jolie), and overseen by “Phreak”(Renoly Santiago), “Cereal” (Matthew Lillard) and “Nikon” (Laurence Mason), this crew forms true bonds that unite a global community, assist Joey (Jesse Bradford) in earning a hacking namesake and attempt to put a stop to The Plague (Fisher Stevens) and his schemes. We’re sorry, “Mr. The Plague.” This is Lillard’s fifth feature with us! Let’s get him the commemorative jacket! RTS embraces this epic soundtrack and wax philosophical hacking at Cyberdelia. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin strap into their rollerblades, check their pagers and zoom out into the city. This is a 90s must watch! Hey, if they’re “trashing your rights” then “hack the planet!”

    E100 - 2h 0m - May 10, 2024
  • The Crow

    Based on the cult graphic novel by James O’Barr. After being brutally murdered alongside his fiancée, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) comes back from the dead one year later. His purpose back on earth is to track down each of these lowlife, murderous garbage people and exact bloody vengeance upon them. In the background we have officer Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) investigating all these crimes while constantly being told to stay out of it. Sarah (Rochelle Davis), a child friend of the deceased couple, is also trying to piece this all together. Meanwhile, crime, led by Michael Wincott, is high, and the rain is relentless. The epic 90s soundtrack and score tie it all together. Hey, is that Candyman? RTS rock out on the rooftops as the sun sets. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin make sure they duck out of the rain to become professional hotdoggers. Emily makes her Rabbit Troop Sucks debut just in time before Motor City burns down on Devil’s Night. It was a tragic loss to lose Brandon Lee and in such a way. For everyone who worked on this film, this must have been emotionally difficult to finish and release. Definitely something that should be considered when viewing it. 

    E99 - 1h 39m - May 3, 2024
  • Hell Comes to Frogtown

    Sam Hell (Roddy Piper) brings us right back to another fallout world to survive in. We never learn much of this alt world outside of a need to breed for manpower, there are wars and there was mutation. Hell has got a rep, and when he gets duped into enlisting into Med-Tech, things get interesting. His mission: procreate “Hell style.” He is being led into the wastelands by Spangle (Sandahl Bergman) who he might create a few sparks with – but this will definitely not be influenced by her dancing. Centinella (Cec Verrell) is handy along the way and always has time for a smoke. Looney Tunes (Rory Calhoun) will be giving out fatherly wisdom, or most likely, he’ll just be shooting off some flares. But, in the darkness looms the mighty croak of Commander Toty (Brian Frank). Be warned! Or not. Dude seems to have a lot of weird things going on. RTS look for good times and possible employment in Frogtown. You think they need a couple of podcasting bartenders? Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy learn to avoid the three-snake dance. Bull (Nicolas Worth) is going to show us all the way of the chainsaw. “Shut your HOLLLLLLLLLE!”

    E43 - 1h 20m - Apr 26, 2024
  • Screamers

    Listen, do you think a bunch of razorblade desert robo-vacs are going to stay that way? Oh, friends, we have a lot to tell you. Joe Hendricksson (Peter Weller) is a commander who gets orders to sort of help with peace treaty negotiations. Kind of a bummer because Joe likes his G&Ts and government-issued red cigarettes (which aid in fighting off radiation). This mining planet is absolute garbage. Time to slowly check it out. But, there must be two, so luckily Ace Jefferson (Andy Lauer) crash lands in town, has no more platoon and joins Joe in his wandering of the wastelands and fighting off robots. That’s handy because everything is a robot. What’s not a robot nowadays? RTS check out the local command center and all of their arcade futurism. Jeremy, La-Mar and Collin get acquainted with Jessica (Jennifer Rubin) and Jessica (Jennifer Rubin)? Wait a minute! No, no, let this play out. Are you aware there might be a way off this crazy planet? Well, you might want to take that ride. Does anyone know this guy was RoboCop?  

    E97 - 1h 22m - Apr 19, 2024
  • A Far Off Place

    A true overlooked gem by Disney. A bratty teen, Harry (Ethan Embry), is forced on a trip with his father to meet family friends in Africa. When he meets knowledgeable and passionate Nonnie (Reese Witherspoon), he has to rethink his too cool for school ways. As they both sneak out for the night, they team up with an African bushman, Xhabbo (Sarel Bok), who urges them, based on his prophetic “tapping,” to stay the night in a nearby cave. This saves their lives as their parents are brutally murdered by poachers who are now after them. To survive, these three, with their dog, are forced to do what is thought of as the impossible, cross the Kalahari. It will take real growth and trust to make it happen. The cinematography is alluring all throughout this epic journey and loss of innocence. RTS is slightly altered for the week, and they stock up on all the water – especially the imported Hawaiian water. Mopani (Maximilian Schell) loves it almost as much as he loves hunting down poachers! Nemo takes on some co-hosting duties ninja-style. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar ride all of the elephants to freedom! “Wind can do it; we can do it.”

    E96 - 1h 20m - Apr 12, 2024
  • Over the Edge

    Kurt Cobain said he had a good time with this film, and it was “total anarchy.” This smells like disagreement on our end. It’s Matt Dillion’s acting debut as Richie. He teams up with his buddy Carl (Michael Eric Kramer) to complain about business expansion in their neighborhood and their well-to-do boredom. Carl starts falling for Cory (Pamela Ludwig), but Mark (Vincent Spano) can’t go for that! Officer Doberman (Harry Northup) doesn’t like going for anything – especially if it is happening at the rec center. These kids probably need a bit of guidance. It’s definitely not coming from their parents or teachers. Then, these kids go bananas! Full bananas! Drown it all out with Cheap Trick! Fun note: all of this was filmed in Colorado. There are many scenes in Aurora and Greeley. RTS will be rocking out with this killer soundtrack and avoiding the dirt bike swamp track. Jeremy and La-Mar will be at the park mingling and warming themselves over trash can fires. We lost KC 30 years ago. His art and words are still felt today. “Your scent is still here in my place of recovery.” 

    E95 - 1h 20m - Apr 5, 2024
  • Silverado

    A bunch of rad fellas befriend one another in the Old West and attempt to shut down the corrupt nonsense happening all around. Emmett (Scott Glenn) is being harassed after being released from prison, and he’s not having it! Paden (Kevin Kline) was having it, but all of his belongings have been stolen, so he’s given up, and he has a new view on life. Jake (Kevin Costner) is ready (for anything, really), but he’s behind bars. Let’s bust him out so he can not have it pistoleer style! Mal (Danny Glover) is absolutely NOT having it! If there was an opposite of having it, Mal is living that life. Somehow, these four make it all work together. And, “It” is hunting down and putting a stop to villainy. RTS will be keeping it charming in the saloon with Stella (Linda Hunt). Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy will be at the card table with Slick (Jeff Goldblum) while ditching Hannah (Rosanna Arquette). Where did that boot knife go? Make sure to polish your sheriff’s badge when you have time. We don’t want another Cobb (Brian Dennehy) sullying everything. Not in the decent town of Silverado. Come for the promises. Stay in the grave. But, in all seriousness, this is an excellent film that deserves to be watched. 

    E94 - 1h 47m - Mar 29, 2024
  • Small Soldiers

    Director Joe Dante leads us into a suburban toy war. There’s more to these gizmos than just plastic. Meanwhile, Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith) and Christy Fimple (Kristen Dunst) have so much going for them – and so much in their way. Irwin (David Cross) and Larry (Jay Mohr) have created a sentient robo-army for Gil Mars (Denis Leary), and that army is gunning for these wannabe sweethearts. Chip Hazard (Tommy Lee Jones) leads the Commando Elite against Archer (Frank Langella) and the Gorgonites –and everyone who likes the Gorgonites. Combat is inevitable! There are scooter chase scenes! There are explosions! There is terror! Where did Brad go? We say thank you and goodbye to Phil Hartman and his last live action role. RTS joins in on the chaos with the Gwendy Doll army! La-Mar, Collin and Jeremy take shelter when the CE start their home assault rampage. If you know how microchips work, then microchip! MICROCHIP!

    E93 - 1h 21m - Mar 22, 2024
  • Firewalker

    What do you do when you catch a bad case of the Firewalker? Oh, wait! This might be for something else. This is all about gold! There is a mix of Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian and Apache gold all in one area! If that seems strange and improbable, maybe that’s the Firewalker talking! Loveable and adventurous scamps, Max Donigan (Chuck Norris) and Leo Porter (Louis Gossett Jr.) team up with Patricia Goodwin (Melody Anderson) to follow a magical dagger and her visions to that sweet, sweet cave of gold. When things seem down, Corky Taylor (John Rhys-Davies) shows up! Is this a bit of DeJa’Vu? YES! Yes it is! RTS chills with Tall Eagle (Will Sampson) and wonders if any of that promised treasure will come his way. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar summon ancestral supernatural powers with El Coyote (Sonny Landham). Between the numerous bar stops and jungle runs, director J. Lee Thompson will get us to that gold! At least we hope. 

    E92 - 1h 24m - Mar 15, 2024
  • Solarbabies

    Look at those lil’ Solar-Bs go! “There is a Legend.” Smokey Robinson helps shed some light on that legend. But, does he? Daniel (Lukas Haas) uncovers it in an old mine. Jason (Jason Patric), Terra (Jami Gertz) and the rest of the Solarbabies just want freedom – and water. And, they probably want new lives and a lot of other stuff, so they help get this legend going Solar-B style! Grock (Richard Jordan) and his evil M. Bison crew (which includes Fake Johnny) detest the sphere of Longinus. It really grates their orphanage potatoes. They want to laser it! There is a lot of Bohdai glow-fun nonetheless, and cousin Chodai makes many appearances. RTS goes pathfinding with Darstar (Adrian Pasdar) and his cool-as-hell owl. La-Mar affixes sturdy plastic flashlights to his boot-skates and zooms into the desert land. Later at night, let’s all hold hands and orb-circ - at least until the water is free for all. “There is a legend.”

    E91 - 1h 19m - Mar 8, 2024
  • Cliffhanger

    It feels good (for us) to be home. Welcome to the Rocky Mountains! Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone), aka Cliff Hanger, doesn’t own decent gloves and doesn’t have his strong hands, so when he drops Hal’s (Michael Rooker) gal pal, they become a couple of grumps towards each other. He’s been working in Denver ever since, but now he’s back. When Jessie (Janine Turner) isn’t complicating the life of Dr. Joel Fleischman or brushing horses, she’s flying a rescue helicopter and trying to make things work with Gabe. All of this takes another turn when it rains thousand-dollar bills and Eric Qualen (John Lithgow) and his villainous accent create more than just avalanches. Richard Travers (Rex Linn) cannot swear his way out of any of this! RTS will be creating art with Frank (Ralph Waite) and smiling all along the way. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar burn stacks of money to stay warm and to prove that they can. Get your drinks ready with “Damn-a-ta with a twist of impalement.” That’s right! For every utterance of “damn,” and for any impalement, drink! We hope you can HANG in there! You get it! Cliff believes in you! So does gravity! 

    E90 - 1h 36m - Mar 1, 2024
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