Judgement Night

Episode 59
1h 44m | Aug 4, 2023

Attending a friends night out for a boxing match? Fun! Taking a wrong turn to beat traffic? Questionable. Witnessing a murder and being chased by Denis Leary, House of Pain and others? Now, this night just got bizarre and exciting! This is exactly what happens to four friends (including Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stephen Dorff). They will take you on a wild ride that includes destinations such as totally abandoned city blocks, train yards, sewer systems (sorry, no Ninja Turtles!), street after street and some kind of flea market/multilevel strip mall. Note: as we keep score of the team body count, RTS have a group bigger than any of these. And, we have our own Jeremy – a better Jeremy! We are also joined by La-Mar and Collin while we all try to flee the city in the strangest ways. The soundtrack is incredible! A special shoutout to Peter Greene who plays Sykes. You are amazing! 

Rabbit Troop Sucks