RAB Series - The R Story

This is an audiobook of the Novel - RAB Series - The R Story

To all those people who made me realize how delicate, beautiful, important, strong, powerful and deadly –

IS the game of LOVE.

I said ‘game’ of love because it is believed even in today’s world, that love is strong, it’s the strength of any relationship and it wins over all the obstacles and the ones who are against it; though it requires genuineness and sacrifices, but even that way, don’t its definition makes love a game, with its own properties and rules, characteristics and moves? ……….. Every love story generally has a common theme - we see you meet, face challenges, fall in love, face challenges, even get married, face challenges and it’s all a predictable dream. The last shot will show you and your lover with a family. That’s it right? Well no. because I believe in mentioning something which is real, something from somewhere me and you belong – this real world. And there, love does not win – not always; I have faced it and seen many others losing to love and then moving on. Aren’t we all becoming like that clever fox who says that it won’t eat those grapes coz they are sour?