Queerantine With Rushati

"Queerantine With Rushati" is a podcast about queer people and their relationships, while all of us are quarantined during the coronavirus lock-down. 

It is based on interviews given to me, Rushati Mukherjee, a queer writer from Kolkata, by queer people. 

The podcast was born out of a poetry project that I started due to frustration, anger and loneliness. 

Since I have come home for the lock-down, I either have to be closeted, or face severe disapproval from my immediate family. 

To get me to start writing poetry again and help me get through the quarantine, I sent out an open call on social media for other queer people in similar situations to respond if they wanted to take part in an interview, in which we will discuss their idea of love. Afterwards, I would write them a poem about it. 

Many people said yes, and here we are. 

Each episode contains details of a charity that is helping queer people in this time of crisis. 

For Pride Month 2020 - when all outdoor events have been cancelled and we can only celebrate our identities and history safely by remaining indoors: this is Queerantine With Rushati. 

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