Episode 6: A Mom & Daughter's Coming Out Story: Nan Osborne

Season 1 | Episode 6
1h 25m | Jul 25, 2022
  • Dawn and Ash talk with Nan Osborne ( Mother of the year) from the 4 part docuseries Mormon No More airing on Hulu!

  • Dawn and Ash get curious about what it was like for Nan to attend her daughter's first wedding in the Salt Lake City Temple to then, years later, watch her marry a woman and get to experience her first lesbian wedding.

  • Nan shares her personal journey on how she went from being a devout Mormon mom to an LGBTQ+ advocate and leaving the LDS church completely. 

  • They discuss the importance of setting boundaries with non-affirming family and Dawn shares how the lack of support in her queer identity left her isolated, accelerating her decision to get married prematurely. 

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