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Welcome to Quaracters, where every week a new character (either real or imagined) interviews a funny local Montreal improvisor or comedian regarding the covid pandemic! All discussions are 100% improvised and revolve around some aspect of quarantine and how to cope better during these difficult times.

Special guests have included John Lennon (of British pop band 'The Beatles'), Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada - Justin Trudeau, and the Marquis de Sade!


Merry Qristmas, Comedy Nerds
Show Details48min 50s
At Home with James is where the Heart is (brought to you by A&W's Teen Burger)
Show Details53min 32s
Glengarry Glen Ross was based on my life
Show Details52min
Your Guide to European Football
Show Details57min 54s
Nobody does cardio quite like somebody who is running for their life
Show Details57min 25s
You probably won't get COVID-19 on international waters
Show Details57min 17s
I'll do the Junos if it's Superbowl money
Show Details1hr 3min
Tell your son to grow a beard
Show Details59min 7s
A bowl of kittens
Show Details54min 4s
Working on yourself is like DIY home repair
Show Details1hr 13min
The Penultimate Waltz
Show Details1hr 2min
Have you seen my sister?
Show Details36min 44s
How to grow your audience by pleasing them
Show Details45min 20s
An authentic outdoor adventure experience
Show Details48min 2s
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