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Pursuit Of Infinity

Pursuit Of Infinity, Hosted by brothers Joe and Josh, is a podcast where we discuss and interview guests on spirituality, psychedelics, psychology/mental health, and other esoteric ideas as well as the state of the world, political and cultural commentary.





35. Katherine MacLean
Show Details1hr 12min
34. The Consciousness You Hold Creates Your Reality
Show Details1hr 13min
33. Roger Jackson
Show Details1hr 13min
32. Ancient Wisdom and Conscious Materialism
Show Details1hr 18min
31. Sedi Thato
Show Details52min 10s
30. Breathwork and Spiritual Integration
Show Details1hr 29min
29. Vincent Field
Show Details1hr 5min
28. Bridging The Gap Of Life And Death
Show Details1hr 40min
27. Jay and Lindy Nelson
Show Details1hr 13min
26. The Psychedelic Experience
Show Details1hr 16min
25. Interview: Sam Stanford
Show Details1hr 13min
24. The Mind Body Connection
Show Details1hr 17min
23. Interview: Kyle Buller
Show Details57min 14s
22. UFO, UAP, and Related Phenomena
Show Details1hr 13min
21. Interview: Moe Natura
Show Details1hr 8min
20. A Higher Intelligence Engaging With Humanity
Show Details1hr 6min
19. Interview: Nikos Patedakis PhD, PDC
Show Details1hr 9min
18. Experiencing The Stars In Every Moment
Show Details1hr 9min
17. Interview: Matt Horsman
Show Details1hr 1min
16. Jungian Archetype Test
Show Details1hr 27min
15. Interview: Free Kinlow
Show Details56min 39s
14. Balance of Opposing Perspectives
Show Details1hr 10min
13. Interview: Daniel McQueen
Show Details1hr 9min
12. Settling Into Paradox
Show Details1hr 11min
11. Interview: Megan Jones
Show Details1hr 6min
10. Gratitude To The Mystery
Show Details1hr 12min
9. Interview: Christian Reeve
Show Details58min 20s
8. Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection
Show Details1hr 10min
7. Interview: Joe Moore
Show Details49min 3s
6. Drugs, Education, and Consciousness
Show Details1hr 7min
5. Interview: Brian Charlebois
Show Details1hr 7min
4. The Ross-Barger Philosophy Inventory
Show Details1hr 31min
3. Interview: Your Life Lived Well w/ Dr. Kevin J Payne
Show Details53min 58s
2. The Best Kept Secret In History
Show Details57min 29s
1. Interview: Michelle Anne Hobart
Show Details49min 28s