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Pursuit Of Infinity

Pursuit Of Infinity, Hosted by brothers Joe and Josh, is podcast where we discuss and interview guests on Spirituality, psychedelics, psychology/mental health, and other esoteric ideas as well as the state of the world, political and cultural commentary.





19. Interview: Nikos Patedakis PhD, PDC
Show Details1hr 9min
18. Experiencing The Stars In Every Moment
Show Details1hr 9min
17. Interview: Matt Horsman
Show Details1hr 1min
16. Jungian Archetype Test
Show Details1hr 27min
15. Interview: Free Kinlow
Show Details56min 39s
14. Balance of Opposing Perspectives
Show Details1hr 10min
13. Interview: Daniel McQueen
Show Details1hr 9min
12. Settling Into Paradox
Show Details1hr 11min
11. Interview: Maggie Luna
Show Details1hr 6min
10. Gratitude To The Mystery
Show Details1hr 12min
9. Interview: Christian Reeve
Show Details58min 20s
8. Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection
Show Details1hr 10min
7. Interview: Joe Moore
Show Details49min 3s
6. Drugs, Education, and Consciousness
Show Details1hr 7min
5. Interview: Brian Charlebois
Show Details1hr 7min
4. The Ross-Barger Philosophy Inventory
Show Details1hr 31min
3. Interview: Your Life Lived Well w/ Dr. Kevin J Payne
Show Details53min 58s
2. The Best Kept Secret In History
Show Details57min 29s
1. Interview: Michelle Anne Hobart
Show Details49min 28s