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Purse Strings

Purse Strings, with Maria Reitan, of TopSail Strategies, is a program focused on marketing to women. Why Women, you ask? Women are the powerful majority in this country, comprising 51% of the population and they are in charge of 80% of all spending, and this number continues to grow. Therefore, as marketers, business owners and advertisers... we need to pay attention to her. Purse Strings will help you not only pay attention, but will also allow you to listen and react.


Grabbed: Poets & Writers on Sexual Assault, Empowerment & Healing
Show Details34min 36s
American Women And World War II
Show Details33min 16s
Nectar Consulting With Michele Molitor 
Show Details27min 59s
Pain Into Power
Show Details32min 15s
Montanya Distillers With Karen Hoskin
Show Details38min 22s
The White Devil’s Daughters: The Women Who Fought Against Slavery in San Francisco’s Chinatown
Show Details29min 27s
Make Your Home Among Strangers
Show Details37min 49s
The Rise Of Woman In Corporate Boardrooms
Show Details36min 18s
Martinis & Menopause Strategies: Science and Sips that Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan
Show Details33min 44s
Founder and Principal at Ascent Strategy
Show Details29min 47s
Why We’re Confused About Consent—Rewriting Our Stories of Seduction
Show Details36min 58s
When I Grow Up
Show Details43min 47s
Working My Way Back To Me
Show Details34min 14s
Elevate For Her
Show Details36min 5s
Driving Global Go-To-Market Strategy
Show Details33min 11s
Whiskey Maker Launches Campaign With Connected Bottles
Show Details42min 47s
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War
Show Details27min 6s
Visionary Women: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World
Show Details31min 21s
Celebrating Rad Girls
Show Details36min 49s
The Importance Of Creating Content And Delivering It To The Public
Show Details37min 21s
Innovating business in a new industry
Show Details34min 36s
Connecting Consumers With Women-Owned Businesses
Show Details37min 4s
Millennial Women and Wealth Management
Show Details25min 45s
Straight Talk for Smart Business Women
Show Details28min 26s
Sports Marketing & Women With: Ishveen Anand
Show Details31min 57s
Support Women in Business with Chief Moxie Officer Shauna Armitage
Show Details35min 11s
Women In Tech With Inecke Snyder-Lourens
Show Details27min 54s
Assisting Women In Creating Supportive Learning Communities
Show Details32min 22s
Turn Your Passion into a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Lifestyle
Show Details29min 12s
Secure Enough?: 20 Questions on Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Executives
Show Details32min 20s
Being Fab After 40 with Katerina Cozias
Show Details34min 21s
Bunny Mellon and The Life of an American Style Legend
Show Details36min 44s
Evelina Galang on Lola's House: Filipino Women Living with War
Show Details36min 33s
The Adventures of Superhero Girl
Show Details27min 30s
Women and the Digital Evolution Part 2
Show Details30min 49s
Women and The Digital Evolution 10 Years Later
Show Details34min 19s
Kids' TV Viewing Records Big Declines
Show Details27min 2s
10 Years of Purse Strings: Millennials and the Next Generation of Women Part 2
Show Details36min 20s
The Tide Of Boomer Marketing Continues to Turn
Show Details39min 45s
Kelly Baker on Women in Higher Education
Show Details39min 45s
10 Years of Purse Strings: Millennials and the Next Generation of Women
Show Details30min 55s
Focused On What We Want And Then Get Confident About Pursuing Your Dreams
Show Details37min 40s
​10 Years of Marketing to Women with Social Media-Part 2
Show Details19min 49s
10 Years of Marketing to Women with Social Media-Part 1
Show Details33min 10s
Crafting Sustainable Womens Careers and Galvanzing Women For Public Service
Show Details31min 47s
Avenues to Increase Awareness and Participation in Brands
Show Details36min 3s
Creative Marketing Communications
Show Details34min 32s
Feminism Wave and the F-Bomb
Show Details31min 32s
Flex for Executive Women
Show Details25min 10s
How Consumers And Brands Can Impact The World
Show Details29min 16s
Maggie Montagna on The New David’s
Show Details29min 46s
What will it take to make a Woman President
Show Details37min 42s
​Making Retail Personal with Pam Danziger
Show Details33min 11s
Interactive Trends
Show Details37min 32s
The Power of PR
Show Details38min 3s
Marketing to Women in a Down Economy
Show Details32min 21s
Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman
Show Details36min 17s
Post-Recession Marketing; Latina Moms; Hasbro Case Study: Marketing to Mom Conference 2013 Highlights
Show Details29min 32s
Supporting Women in Media; The Women in Media Mentoring Initiative
Show Details34min 38s
How We Shop or Creating Confident Woman Leaders
Show Details27min 35s
The New Fitness Movement and Retail Trends for 2016
Show Details40min 5s
Female-Friendly Emerging Industry
Show Details31min 23s
Corporate Social Strategies with Gary Allen
Show Details34min 10s
Peer Mentoring With Lani Basa
Show Details32min 7s
Winning Etiquette for Business With Stephanie Hansen
Show Details36min 34s
Security Moms: Protecting Homeland and Home
Show Details36min 10s
Big Hitters: The Woman Behind the Man Who Made McDonald’s Fortune
Show Details37min 10s
Managing Your Online Reputation
Show Details34min 28s
Sex and The Single Girl: The Original Modern Woman
Show Details35min 4s
Creating Confident Woman Leaders
Show Details35min 55s
Writing Strong Female Characters with Nina Romano
Show Details33min 5s
Transmedia Break Big with Andrea Philips
Show Details34min 49s
Being Your Own Boss
Show Details40min 20s
Creating Relationships Built on Respect
Show Details34min 9s
Leading and Winning Authentically
Show Details36min 26s
Kimberlee Moen and XaBeat :The New Fitness Movement
Show Details30min 39s
Year One Success Story: Female Entrepreneurs
Show Details27min 4s
Entrepreneurs Reboot to Improve
Show Details34min 26s
Women Making Inroads in the Furniture Industry
Show Details27min 53s
Innovating Female Taboos
Show Details30min 52s
Reaching Women Through Their Infants
Show Details27min 28s
How Women Shop
Show Details31min 51s
Is Gender Diversity Profitable
Show Details44min 37s
Gender Diversity in PR
Show Details36min 16s
Leading and Winning Authentically
Show Details38min 40s
When Your Relationship Changes
Show Details37min 17s
Women and Health Care with Mary Christensen
Show Details31min 58s
What Women Really Want
Show Details33min 28s
Diversifying Entrenched Brands to New Audiences
Show Details31min 57s
Millennial Mom Workplace Challenges Solved
Show Details27min 10s
Sustainable Niche Marketing
Show Details29min 37s
Romance Differences Between Men & Women
Show Details36min 25s
Embracing Life After 50
Show Details30min 41s
Embracing Life After 50
Show Details30min 41s
Embracing Life After 50
Show Details30min 41s
Home Design Trends 2016
Show Details34min 46s
Retail Trends for 2016 with Kevin Quinn
Show Details37min 28s
Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2016
Show Details25min 56s
Marketing Trends for 2016
Show Details33min 36s
Baby Boomers and the Holiday Blahs
Show Details33min 10s
Tourism for Good
Show Details39min 21s
Nancy Dahl and The Definition of Leadership
Show Details40min 56s
Women and Automobiles with Jody DeVere
Show Details36min 14s
Life, Love and Hijacking
Show Details28min 19s
Holiday Shopping Outlook for Affluent Consumers
Show Details28min 38s
Changes in Women's Buying Behaviors
Show Details35min 10s
Women and Pinterest Study
Show Details31min 9s
Impacting Disadvantaged Girls
Show Details33min 1s
Marketing To Moms in 2015
Show Details26min 44s
Michelle Gielan on The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change
Show Details31min 57s
The Power of Direct Sales …and Marketing to Women
Show Details28min 44s
Creating Family-Friendly Films
Show Details32min 38s
Launching a Non-Profit Aimed at Families
Show Details37min 31s
Reaching Real Women With Real Ads
Show Details32min 9s
Breaking Gender Barriers in Advertising
Show Details35min 46s
Swaying Influencers with Tiffany Romero
Show Details29min 34s
Women and Finances with Margit Lund
Show Details31min 9s
Contagious:Why Things Catch On with Jonah Berger
Show Details37min 51s
Advancing Women and Engaging Men
Show Details36min 3s
Veronika Miller Talks Modenus
Show Details38min 10s
Alpha Women Panel Insights
Show Details36min 38s
Purse Strings Talks Women on $20's
Show Details35min 45s
Home Planning With New House Expert Katherine Salant
Show Details37min 26s
Marketing to Women Conference 2015 Previewed
Show Details32min 29s
Women and The Military with Sgt. Stephanie Shannon
Show Details25min 53s
Driving Breast Cancer Awareness with Susan G Komen
Show Details27min 8s
Aerie and Their Unretouched Selfie Campaign for Real Young Women
Show Details26min 59s
The Big Fat Surprise on Nutrition and Dietary Fats
Show Details33min 57s
Millennial Home Trends with Jill Waage
Show Details31min 17s
Women and Financial Security with Joann Eisenhart
Show Details32min 2s
Shopping Compulsion with Terrence Shulman
Show Details31min 19s
Creating a Generosity Plan with Kathy LeMay
Show Details31min 50s
Margie Baldock and the Mother Lode Manifesto
Show Details34min 17s
Marketing Green to Female Homeowners
Show Details35min 19s
Its Not Email Its Evidence: Sony E-mail Hacking Revisited
Show Details38min 43s
Carrot Coaching with Ann Kerr Romberg
Show Details32min 39s
Exploring The Lives of Female Authors Over Age 60
Show Details35min 14s
Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness with Barb Schmidt
Show Details29min 14s
How Baby Boomers are Changing the Way We Think
Show Details31min 55s
Shelton Wilder: From Shark Tank to Stylist; Lessons from the Trenches
Show Details29min 34s
Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World with David Altshuler
Show Details30min 33s
Holiday Shopping Outlook for Mom With Nicole Feliciano
Show Details33min 26s
Buying and Selling Ensuring Women Get Their Worth with Michelle Seiler-Tucker
Show Details27min 43s
Leslie Strong and The YOU Factor
Show Details26min 16s
Jennifer Granger on Why Most Modern Women Have Forgotten How To Be Feminine
Show Details39min 50s
Top 5 Things MBA Schools Dont Teach You
Show Details38min 9s
Christy Whitman on The Art of Having it All
Show Details31min 13s
She Speaks Multigenerational Women Study
Show Details34min 43s
Socializing your Brand With Collective Bias
Show Details32min 13s
The Modern Woman: Juggling Careers, Motherhood, Marriage and Households
Show Details31min 22s
Hatch Tween Initiative of Creating Original and Branded Content
Show Details33min 14s
Social Trend Spotting; Marketing to Millennials
Show Details31min 49s
Marketing to the Likeable Mom and The Like Cycle
Show Details31min 14s
Empowering and Challenging Women Over 50: Aging But Dangerous
Show Details31min 58s
The Happiness Factor: Cultivating the Competitive Advantage of Happiness
Show Details35min 7s
Unorthodox Marketing Approaches with Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey
Show Details39min 4s
Importance of Google for New Boomer Product Launches
Show Details32min 14s
Leveraging Parent Leaders to Drive Awareness
Show Details38min 37s
Tapping Into Your Leadership Energy with Cheryl Leitschuh
Show Details43min 20s
Women Millionaires Are They Different Than Men?
Show Details37min 29s
What The Modern Shopper Looks Like
Show Details33min 52s
John Gerzema and The Athena Doctrine
Show Details38min 18s
Connecting with Teen Consumers with Megan Grassell
Show Details27min 57s
The Breakout Brand Strategy with Christine Barney
Show Details32min 40s
Engaging Millennials Hastags or Not
Show Details39min 9s
The Gender Gap, Women and Poverty with Ariane Hegewisch
Show Details37min 22s
Lets Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative with Mandy Gilbert and Jen Larkin Kuzler
Show Details30min 31s
The Power of Digital with DigitalFlashNYC Founders Sara Walker-Santana and Laura
Show Details34min 56s
The Hollywood Glass Ceiling with Nancy Malone
Show Details43min 2s
Diversity of Women Leading By Example with Sheila Robinson
Show Details31min 3s
Banning The Term Bossy
Show Details28min 47s
Social Listening for Brand Reputation Management
Show Details30min 6s
Marketing to Women Conference Celebrates 10 Years
Show Details34min 20s
How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders
Show Details41min 16s
Momarchy: Why Moms Rule the World
Show Details30min 28s
Mommy Bloggers: Stereotypes, Creativity and Engagement
Show Details31min 2s
SheSpeaks Women Predict 2014 Survey Findings Revealed
Show Details33min 22s
Revolutionizing Womens Fitness
Show Details37min 21s
Social Engagment with Maryanne Conlin
Show Details30min 41s
Holiday Shopping Outlook for 2013 with Ashley Welde of SheSpeaks
Show Details28min 21s
Supporting Women in Media; The Women in Media Mentoring Initiative
Show Details34min 38s
Women and Social Influence with Stacy DeBroff
Show Details36min 40s
Women-Inspired Design: How Cultural Nuances Impact Brand Perceptions
Show Details33min 19s
Women-Inspired Design: How Cultural Nuances Impact Brand Perceptions
Show Details33min 19s
Post-Recession Marketing; Latina Moms; Hasbro Case Study: Marketing to Mom Conference 2013 Highlights
Show Details29min 32s
Shaking Up Hollywoods Portrayal of Women
Show Details38min 6s
MomsRising with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
Show Details35min 56s
The Next Big Digital Thing with Robin Raskin
Show Details34min 50s
Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Advancing Women Throughout the Ranks of Corporate America
Show Details35min 6s
Affluent Shoppers Buying More Online and On Mobile. Brands Get Ready!
Show Details27min 26s
Women, Social Media and Politics with Joanne Bamberger
Show Details36min 29s
The Role of Wives as Breadwinners
Show Details35min 25s
Sports Marketing to Women with Leslie Prevish
Show Details37min 23s
Marketing for She Experts; Profitable Marketing Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs
Show Details35min 14s
Gender Intelligence: Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business
Show Details39min 4s
Tapping Into the Affluent Women Market
Show Details46min 38s
Gender Purchase Motivators; The Commercial Opportunity Women Represent
Show Details41min 16s
The Woman of Madison Avenue; Globalizing Ideal Beauty
Show Details43min 55s
Missing the Boat on Bloggers?
Show Details38min 28s
Vacation, Travel and the Vibrant Woman
Show Details33min 2s
Empowering Gen Z
Show Details31min 16s
The Role of Women as Doctor Mom; How Issues Around Women and Health Have Changed?
Show Details30min 57s
Pink Brain, Blue Brain
Show Details34min 2s
The State of the American Mom
Show Details34min 3s
A Roadmap for Leadership
Show Details41min 15s
Women and Leadership; Social Media Content Solutions for Business
Show Details25min 47s
New Era Moms and the Issues Working Moms and Mom Entrepreneurs Face
Show Details34min 19s
Marketing to Women Conference 2013 Preview
Show Details28min 48s
Women at Work: Is Yahoo Setting a Bad Example?
Show Details32min 59s
The New Single Boomer with Joan Rogliano
Show Details30min 14s
Maximizing Advocacy in the UK with Anthony Donaldson
Show Details35min 8s
Increasing Workplace Diversity
Show Details38min 25s
Creating Mom-entum with Holly Pavlika
Show Details30min 38s
What Women Want Survey: The Economy, Shopping Habits, Saving and Paying Down Debt
Show Details33min 40s
Reaching Hispanic Consumers
Show Details34min 28s
Super Bowl Ads A Touchdown with Women?
Show Details30min 56s
Analyzing The Female Brain with Dr. Louann Brizendine
Show Details39min 32s
Connecting With Niche Female Audiences with Carley Roney
Show Details43min 27s
Women and the Political Process
Show Details31min 26s
Destination Maternity; Marketing to Women Conference 2013 Preview
Show Details39min 19s
Tackling the Void of Women in Leadership Positions with Jeffery Tobias Halter
Show Details35min 10s
Integrated Marketing to Reach Women with Gretel Going
Show Details34min 57s
Evangelist Marketing with Alex Goldfayn
Show Details33min 42s
Women and Cross Demographics
Show Details35min 7s
Professional Networking Groups Supporting and Developing Women
Show Details31min 9s
Whats Keeping Women from Rising?
Show Details35min 13s
Global Trends on How the Digital Age is Changing
Show Details28min 34s
The End of Men, and The Rise of Women with Hanna Rosin
Show Details30min 37s
Digital Media Effect on Marketing to Women
Show Details28min 31s
Launching Niche Projects On A Shoestring Budget
Show Details24min 49s
Launching Niche Projects On A Shoestring Budget
Show Details24min 49s
Vital Smarts and The New Science of Personal Success
Show Details34min 24s
Brave New Moms: Navigating Technologys Impact on Family Time
Show Details37min 56s
Winning The Mature Market
Show Details35min 36s
The Power of Digital with DigitalFlashNYC Founders Sara Walker-Santana and Laura Mignott
Show Details34min 56s
Coming of Age with Jim Gilmartin
Show Details34min
Power Blogging with Jessica Gottlieb
Show Details34min 21s
The New Breadwinners
Show Details37min 20s
Leading the Way for Women
Show Details27min 6s
Leveraging Gender Differences in the Workplace
Show Details36min 4s
Are Product Discoveries Worthwhile to Influence Women
Show Details35min 34s
Successful Marketing to African-Americans
Show Details42min 35s
The Costco Craze; Luxury Travel Trends
Show Details34min 52s
Shopping Cart Abandonment
Show Details27min 2s
Connecting with Mom As a Very Unique Individual
Show Details42min 13s
Women Emerging From the Economy
Show Details47min 1s
BlogHer 12 Preview; The Future of Blogging
Show Details39min 34s
Mom Blog Magazine
Show Details31min 34s
200 Episodes of Purse Strings
Show Details24min 42s
M2W Marketing to Women Conference 2012 Preview
Show Details30min 43s
Women, Power and Money
Show Details35min 39s
The Power of Celebrity Moms
Show Details30min 46s
Parenting Doesnt Have to Be Perfect
Show Details31min 20s
Reaching Hearts and Minds of Female Consumers
Show Details29min 23s
Tapping The Powerful Tween Market
Show Details30min 49s
Hearts and Minds of Female Consumers
Show Details33min 36s
Millennials and their Mom Complex
Show Details35min 54s
Shopping Rituals of the American Mom
Show Details34min 29s
The ZMOT Score
Show Details30min 29s
How Remarkable Women Lead
Show Details34min 18s
Marketing 2 Women Conference 2011 Recap
Show Details33min 15s
Performance of Luxury Marketing in 2011
Show Details32min 50s
Financial Times Driving Female Purchasing Habits
Show Details28min 52s
Women and Their Economic Power
Show Details33min 3s
Secrets to Winning in Business
Show Details33min 40s
Mom Insight Trend Report
Show Details37min 3s
Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman
Show Details36min 17s
Zero Moment of Truth
Show Details28min 45s
Live Your Talk
Show Details33min 42s
Study on Womens Preferences for the Modern Family
Show Details35min 38s
How to Connect Successfully with Teenage Girls
Show Details32min 39s
Moms Initiatives at Marketing to Mom
Show Details26min 50s
Being a Real Mom
Show Details28min 35s
Gender Equity
Show Details36min 30s
Reaching Women With Impactful Promotions
Show Details31min 47s
Women in the Workplace
Show Details32min 58s
Reaching Out to Moms Without a Big Budget
Show Details34min 35s
Reaching Moms Through Schools
Show Details36min 14s
PepsiCo Womens Inspiration Network
Show Details29min 29s
Connecting with Mom Through Blogs
Show Details29min 35s
Childs Play
Show Details29min 2s
Dress for Marketing Success
Show Details28min 3s
GenderTalk Works
Show Details29min 31s
9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think about Power
Show Details33min 32s
VIV Magazine
Show Details27min 4s
Women and Biking
Show Details28min 51s
Social Trend Spotting
Show Details11min 40s
Social Trend Spotting; Marketing to Millennials
Show Details30min 53s
Moms and Health Care Study
Show Details26min 3s
Wage Gap
Show Details32min 33s
Adult Chocolate Milk
Show Details25min 17s
Social Engagement 3.0
Show Details32min 24s
The White House Project
Show Details35min 14s
Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Show Details32min 38s
The Boomer Project
Show Details32min 50s
Mom Focus Marketing, Facebook Engagement and Social Communities
Show Details40min 22s
WonderBranding: Marketing to Women With Michele Miller
Show Details35min 28s
Female Do It Yourself
Show Details32min 28s
Global Perspective on Chinese Working Women
Show Details34min 14s
The Ever Changing Role of Mom
Show Details39min 56s
Growing a Female-Friendly eCommerce Business
Show Details26min 23s
Womens Progress Reshaping American Families and Economy
Show Details34min 51s
Supporting Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
Show Details32min 23s
Marketing to Women - Pioneering the Way
Show Details28min 29s
Our Social Future with Charlene Li
Show Details33min 13s
Mommy Bloggers Unite For Good
Show Details32min 8s
Winning Women in Male-Dominated Industries
Show Details31min 25s
A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneurs Spirit
Show Details12min 50s
Skirts in the Boardroom
Show Details28min 33s
What Moms Think: The Working Mother Report.
Show Details33min 38s
The Talk with Kids About Finances
Show Details36min 11s
What Moms Think: The Working Mother Report
Show Details33min 38s
Reaching the 50+ Women Demographic
Show Details32min 36s
Behavioral Brand Planning and Engagement
Show Details29min 37s
Update on BabyCenter 21st Century Mom Report
Show Details33min 40s
How Marketers are Missing the Connection to Mom
Show Details30min 11s
Left-Brain Management and Right-Brain Marketing
Show Details34min 22s
Sears Launches Many Sides of Me Campaign
Show Details10min 15s
Most Powerful Mums in Britain
Show Details32min 24s
Power Blogger and Author Heather Armstrong
Show Details30min 59s
Success of Women Entrepreneurs
Show Details32min 45s
Making Male Targeted Products More Female Friendly
Show Details28min 50s
Advertising Agency 2.0
Show Details30min 22s
The Reality of the Working Woman
Show Details23min 57s
PINK Magazine
Show Details33min 7s
Marketing to Mom
Show Details29min 38s
How Design Influences Women
Show Details29min
Marketing to the Post-88
Show Details32min 55s
Mob Activation
Show Details33min 29s
Driving Your Business Forward
Show Details32min 2s
Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online
Show Details35min 2s
Reaching Women Entrepreneurs
Show Details13min 19s
Fair Trade for Women Globally
Show Details33min
Focusing On Your Core Consumer
Show Details34min 45s
7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation
Show Details38min 34s
The Power of Early Adopters
Show Details30min 38s
Financial Risks of Motherhood
Show Details27min 12s
Achieving Happiness
Show Details34min 45s
Creating Women-Friendly Programming
Show Details25min 57s
Challenges Facing Working Moms
Show Details30min 11s
Real Definition of Female-Friendly Companies
Show Details37min 12s
The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom
Show Details31min 47s
Keeping Up With Female Workforce Demands
Show Details32min 44s
Social Media Impact on Generosity and World Events
Show Details35min 28s
Statistical and Qualitative Marketing Analysis
Show Details30min 35s
Corporate Mom Dropouts
Show Details32min 44s
Purse Strings 100th Episode
Show Details27min 36s
Green Moms Social Study
Show Details40min 45s
Chat, Chew and Chocolate
Show Details33min 43s
Capture Your Share of the Worlds Largest, Fastest Growing Market
Show Details35min 53s
Marketing to Young Adults in 2010
Show Details34min 25s
Marketing Trends for Female Consumers in 2010
Show Details32min 45s
Remodeling Motherhood
Show Details32min 40s
Women and Healthcare
Show Details43min 33s
Targeted Marketing to Female Consumers
Show Details33min 33s
Struggle To Be A Female Entrepreneur
Show Details45min 49s
Business Travel Market Trends
Show Details35min 9s
Marketing to Moms
Show Details29min 58s
Mentoring Business Owners
Show Details29min 8s
Growing Corporate Smarts in the Social Space
Show Details36min 33s
Holiday Luxury Shopping
Show Details36min 47s
Show Details37min 20s
Marketing Impact of First Lady Michelle Obama
Show Details34min 51s
Behind the PR Blackout
Show Details34min 32s
Making First Impression on Female Consumer
Show Details35min 57s
Tips for Great Customer Care
Show Details33min 50s
Feminized Design
Show Details35min 18s
Mom Blogging Competition
Show Details33min 27s
Geek Girls Guide
Show Details32min 32s
Women and their Online Habits
Show Details35min 6s
Women and Online Gaming
Show Details29min 33s
BlogHer '09 Conference Preview
Show Details32min 28s
New Strategies for Reaching Female Consumers
Show Details35min 46s
Busy Moms on the Go
Show Details31min 31s
Frito-Lay Female Focused Products
Show Details32min 59s
Using Twitter to Appeal to Women
Show Details30min 1s
Gender Neutral Marketing
Show Details36min 19s
Self Networking and Marketing
Show Details35min 12s
Gender Bending for Increased Market Share
Show Details33min 47s
Gamma Women in 2009
Show Details30min 12s
Marketing to Women in a Down Economy
Show Details32min 21s
Handbag Design
Show Details31min 31s
Meredith Women’s Network
Show Details29min 44s
The Digital Mom
Show Details31min 32s
Driving Success By Offering Solutions
Show Details41min
Successful Tools For Jump Starting Your Business
Show Details40min 26s
Caring Bridge Connecting Families
Show Details29min 8s
Emerging Shopping Trends for Women 2009
Show Details27min 55s
Best Buy Omega Network
Show Details29min 8s
Generosity versus Greed Study
Show Details32min 9s
Success for Women
Show Details30min 20s
Obama Administration Alpha Panel Study
Show Details29min 42s
New PBS Reality Show with Hannah Keeley
Show Details32min
Travel Tourism and the Female Traveler
Show Details32min 22s
Boomers Social Networking
Show Details35min 3s
International Marketing to Women
Show Details28min 22s
BlogHer Reach Out Tour
Show Details35min
Holiday Food Shopping and Economic Effects
Show Details31min 39s
Marketing Women Small Business Owners
Show Details33min 39s
Is Marketing to Women Dead
Show Details31min 58s
Women and Politics
Show Details31min 19s
Surveying Women's Purchasing Styles
Show Details32min 24s
Road Trip Through the American Automobile
Show Details33min 55s
Big Green Purse
Show Details33min 54s
Alpha Panel Marketing and Influencer Women
Show Details32min 45s
Gamma Women Study Results
Show Details34min 22s
Word of Mouth Marketing
Show Details29min 58s
Reaching Hard To Reach Consumers
Show Details35min 35s
All Access Woman Study
Show Details34min 8s
Knowing Your Target Customer
Show Details32min 10s
Gamma Factor
Show Details35min 12s
Influencer Marketing
Show Details36min 31s
Trillion Dollar Moms
Show Details33min 52s
Understanding Target Demographic
Show Details34min 9s
Trend Watching
Show Details33min
Engaging Bloggers and Consumers
Show Details33min 41s
Marketing Bloggers
Show Details32min 25s
Marketing Twenty Something Women
Show Details38min 21s
Consulting Companies Marketing to Women
Show Details37min 23s
Women and Politics
Show Details34min 33s
Marketing Sports and Outdoors to Women
Show Details34min 2s
Marketing to Female Entrepreneurs
Show Details34min 28s
Branding and Marketing
Show Details40min 24s
The Power of PR
Show Details38min 3s
Distributed media networks
Show Details38min 3s
Marketing to Women Conference
Show Details37min 32s
Selling to Women
Show Details35min 15s
Women Power Bloggers
Show Details35min 23s
Seducing the Boys Club
Show Details35min 32s
The Wealthy in the Current Economic Climate
Show Details38min
Technology and Women
Show Details37min 12s
Innovation and Trust
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Marketing Sporting Events to Women
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Marketing Omega 3
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Marketing to Boomers
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Savvy Networking
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High Net Worth Woman
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Interactive Trends
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Marketing to Single Women
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The Green Movement
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Experimental Marketing
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Iconic Brands
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Marketing Moms
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Marketers connecting with women
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