Welcome to the Purely Business Network, formerly known as strictly business; hosted by Philip Dada Jr.

Purely business is all about establishing you and your business.

You will gain profitable insight into business successes and failures as well as practical tips for your own personal entrepreneurship endeavors and at the same time you will acquire great skills on how to develop great habits and character. Purely Business Network is for everyday people who are determined to build the life and career that they have always envisioned!

Your host, Philip, is the CEO and fashion designer at PDJ. Philip is both a lawyer in training and a cutting-edge business mogul who operates as a multi-business manager and creative director of the brands PDJ Styling (Bespoke) and Philip Dada Jr (Ready-To- Wear). During Philip’s budding years in the bespoke fashion business, he was recognized as a sought-after African wear specialist, which led to the successful launch of his brand PDJ styling in 2019. He attributes his rapid success to cooperative economics and innovative digital marketing strategies that have put his brand and products before thousands of people every day. 


Power of an Idea
Show Details9min 52s
Take the risk! ( Warning! Highly triggering)
Show Details11min 22s
Business Pains. (Understanding the agony of an entrepreneur)
Show Details15min 34s
Decade Game 2 ( Secrets of Longevity)
Show Details10min 37s
Decade Game 1 (Secrets to Longevity)
Show Details15min 46s
Beware of Speed! ( Critical considerations for business growth)
Show Details14min 8s
Need for Speed (The secret to speedy growth)
Show Details18min 50s
The Mastery of Hard work (Part 2)
Show Details10min 33s
The Mastery of Hard work
Show Details12min 17s
Podcast culture in Nigeria and your way in. Ft. Rodney Omeokachie
Show Details56min 58s
Your Brand Online and it's success Ft. Salem King
Show Details32min 30s
From the Ground Up! (0 to multi millions) Ft Oj Wada
Show Details55min 10s
The story of the business (Caution highly transparent). Ft Jesse Dan Yusuf
Show Details1hr 2min
Show Details1min 26s
Imaginations and Enterprises
Show Details13min 48s
Dream it and Build it - The motto.
Show Details10min 16s
Conquer your fears
Show Details16min 46s
100 missed calls
Show Details19min 6s
Premium Customer/Client Care
Show Details18min 40s
Business Goal Setting.
Show Details18min 34s
Sales - Tips & Tricks
Show Details18min 40s
Think company not hustle.
Show Details14min 58s
A boss already ? Not so fast.
Show Details17min 42s
Show Details17min 42s