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Punt Intended: A Fantasy NBA Dynasty Podcast

Why are Dynasty Leagues such an afterthoughts in Fantasy NBA circles? Why does every podcast do one Dynasty-themed episode per season and call it a year? Why are those of us that need more than redraft left out in the cold?

The answer? Dynasty Leagues are complicated! They need their own show... and that's where we come in!

Rhett Bauer and Travis Fuller host this SportsEthos Dynasty-focused Fantasy NBA show that will break down rookie values, buy low and sell high candidates, and strategies for Dynasty Leaguers year-round.

No longer will you need to sift through 100 hours of standard Fantasy NBA coverage to find one Dynasty pointer. We're ALL-DYNASTY, ALL THE TIME. Listen and subscribe now!


September Rankings Update
Show Details38min 32s
Western Conference Stock Watch
Show Details28min 37s
Eastern Conference Stock Watch
Show Details22min 40s
2022 Rookie Dynasty Rankings
Show Details29min 23s
Post-Trade Deadline Dynasty Ranks Update
Show Details45min 1s
January Dynasty Rankings Update - Top 100
Show Details24min 58s
November Dynasty Rankings Update
Show Details35min 20s
Minnesota Timberwolves Season Outlook
Show Details27min 9s
Sacramento Kings Season Outlook
Show Details32min 56s
Player Comparisons
Show Details35min 10s
Roosh and Rookie Extensions
Show Details41min 43s
Dynasty Rank Showdown with Zak Hanshew
Show Details31min 26s
TEAMS, Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz Dynasty Values
Show Details32min 28s
Preseason Fantasy Awards
Show Details36min 23s
TEAMS - Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors Dynasty
Show Details38min 13s
MOCK: 12-Team Dynasty Draft, Part 2
Show Details38min 10s
TEAMS - Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets Dynasty Analysis
Show Details39min 48s
MOCK: 12-Team Dynasty Draft
Show Details29min 54s
TEAM PREVIEWS: Atlanta Hawks & Golden State Warriors
Show Details37min 51s
TEAM PREVIEWS: Memphis Grizzlies & Boston Celtics
Show Details37min 38s
RANKS - Further Comparison of Two Dynasty Rank Boards
Show Details38min 26s
RANKS - A Comparison of Two Dynasty Rank Boards
Show Details38min 49s
Dynasty Mailbag 2.0
Show Details28min 6s
DRAFT: 30-Team Draft Results
Show Details35min 36s
RANKS - Dynasty Ranks 2.0
Show Details39min
Post Free Agency Circle-Back
Show Details36min 13s
Western Conference Free Agency
Show Details37min 14s
Eastern Conference Free Agency
Show Details47min 19s
NBA Draft Reactions (Part 2)
Show Details32min
NBA Draft Reactions (Part 1)
Show Details35min
Mailbag 1! Salary, Keeper Leagues, and More
Show Details34min 43s
Dynasty vs Redraft, the Great Battle
Show Details34min 18s
Unique Stat Set Combos
Show Details36min 10s
Rookie Pick Values
Show Details42min
JUST RIGHT - Season Long Spot-On Ranks
Show Details31min 35s
RANKS: Dynasty Rankings
Show Details44min 32s
PUNTING: Team Builds, Best Strategies, More
Show Details40min 30s
DRAFT: The Draft Lottery Results, What it Means for Dynasty
Show Details55min 40s
TOO COLD: End of Season Anomalies
Show Details49min 36s
TRADE: Al Horford and Moses Brown Traded for Kemba Walker
Show Details22min 53s
TOO HOT: Season Review Show and Welcome to the Pod
Show Details47min 43s