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A podcast that aims to bring light on topics about psychology through a thrilling narrative. PsyClone is a podcast that will educate you on various psychological concepts. It features various experts in the field of Psychology to explore the various questions related to the field. 

It explores the concepts through a storyline with compelling characters and hidden secrets. Through each episode, you will find yourself going through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s filled with PsyClonic drama and humor. 

It is run by a group of friends currently pursuing psychology. We have a deep interest in psychology. Our interests led us to take this initiative to interweave psychology with a story.


Orange is Yellow
Show Details21min 42s
Tactics for the Mind
Show Details32min 1s
Prisoners of Habit
Show Details31min 19s
Recreation of Cognition
Show Details32min 46s
The beginnings, the changes and the endings
Show Details30min 29s
Dreamers of the Day
Show Details32min 6s
Lost Memories
Show Details34min 9s