• Samadhi Pathways With Kathrine Nolley

    Samadhi Pathways integrates breathwork, yoga, sound, movement, dance, nature, and a loving community to support you in your journey. These tools can help unlock the power that you have in your mind to expose the true self which is pure love. The plant medicine renaissance is here — with proven results in relieving anxiety, PTSD, opioid and nicotine addiction, depression, and among so many other potential benefits.

    Kathrine Nolley is an entrepreneur of over 30 years managing and communicating are the superpowers she loves to connect people. She creates experiences that are memorable and is passionate about seeing others happy. Kathrine is a Mental health advocate and is passionate about the neurological benefits of Psychedelics. Her plan is always to have insight-inspiring conversations about mystical experiences, Ketamine, and clinical research on mental health. 

    34m - Dec 16, 2022
  • ACS Laboratory With Masha Ty

    Masha Ty has resolved major challenges in marketing, e-commerce, compliance, talent acquisition, and brand activations for Fortune 500 companies. Now she brings that skill set to cannabis and psychedelics; developing educational content and managing client acquisition and retention for ACS Laboratory. She is the Co-founder of CannaFamilia(TM), a Spanish cannabis education platform, and Extract Collective, an experiential events activator. 

    Recently, Masha was part of the founding team for a Psychedelic Telemedicine Platform and continues to mentor, guide, and explore new avenues in psychedelic research, integration, and alt-pharma treatments. She holds a BSBA from American University and an MBA from George Washington University.

    She brings all that passion and experience to cannabis. Working across the business for both cannabis and hemp compliance, she stays on top of legal, scientific, and commercial developments, helping to drive web traffic and sales.

    29m - Dec 9, 2022
  • Pish Witch With Spiritual Teacher Masha Loddy

    Masha is an avid psychonaut with experience using psychedelics through multiple healing modalities. In addition to magic mushrooms, she has experience with Ayahuasca and Huachuma. As a psychology major, lover of the ancient and esoteric, astrologer, and tarot reader, Masha teaches others how to become self-empowered using methods such as dream work, natal chart readings, and meditation. Through her psychedelic experiences, Masha has gained a deep appreciation for traveling through the darkest parts of the psyche and uncovering the nature of the divine through her spiritual mission.

    Masha went to Ecuador this year to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies with the shamans of the Shuar tribe. She's been a big proponent of psychedelics for a long time even before Ecuador, but it wasn’t until Masha experienced Ayahuasca and Huachuma in a ceremony setting that she became inspired to take on the mantle as a healer and spiritual teacher. Masha has a background in psychology, so it’s incredibly important to her to nurture mental health and well-being both on the physical and spiritual levels. Traditional medicine just isn’t making the cut!

    34m - Dec 2, 2022
  • Algernon Pharmaceuticals With Christopher Moreau

    Christopher J. Moreau is the CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. and a member of the company's board of directors. With over 30 years of executive management experience overall, including 15 years in CEO roles, he has proven achievements in operations management, acquisitions, licensing, and integration. 

    Mr. Moreau also has significant experience managing biotechnology research programs, and deep expertise in business development and capital markets, having raised more than $50 million. He has also been featured on numerous business television and social media interviews and is a highly skilled communicator and sought-after speaker, recently appearing as a guest Lecturer for the University of East London, Pharmacology program.

    34m - Nov 25, 2022
  • Psychedelic Concierge Zappy Zapolin

    Zappy is driven by his belief that psychedelic medicine is the most powerful tool available to quickly raise consciousness and alter humanity’s direction down a destructive path. He has made it his life's mission to increase accessibility to psychedelic compounds through education, media, research, clinical development, and commercial enterprises. You may be familiar with Zappy as the director behind the acclaimed documentary, The Reality of Truth, which follows actress Michelle Rodriguez and her friends on a deeply personal journey of discovery. 

    For his directorial debut of the acclaimed documentary, Zappy was awarded the Amsterdam Film Festival's Van Gogh Award for Documentary Directing. Zappy’s latest groundbreaking documentary follows the life-changing intervention he facilitated for the basketball superstar/former Kardashian family member Lamar Odom, using the breakthrough psychedelic treatments of ketamine and ibogaine.

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    30m - Nov 18, 2022
  • LunaFast With Transformational Wellness Coach Bianca Abbott

    Bianca Abbott is a Psychedelic Nurse Practitioner, Transformational Wellness Coach, Detoxification Specialist, Plant-Based Nutrition Expert, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She specializes in Functional and Integrative medicine, merging Eastern and Western practices to empower her clients to embody thriving health.

    Bianca received a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Eckerd College, a Bachelor’s in Nursing from New York University, and a Master’s in Nursing from the University of Miami. She is the co-founder of LunaFast, a virtual holistic fasting program that has helped 1000+ people fast and detoxes around the world. By combining LunaFast with psychedelic therapy and integration, she creates a personalized program for her clients to heal at the root and tap into their inner physician!

    For the past 8 years, Bianca immersed herself in the personal exploration and education of psychedelic medicines. Through facilitating ayahuasca and psilocybin ceremonies, she saw miracles that couldn’t be explained by Western medicine and was able to deeply heal from past trauma. Since then, Bianca has been on a mission to break the stigma surrounding psychedelics and share this medicine with her community.

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    32m - Nov 11, 2022
  • Mr. Psychedelic Law Dustin Robinson

    Dustin Robinson is the Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law – a full-service law firm exclusively focused on the cannabis and psychedelic industries. Robinson is licensed in Florida as an Attorney, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Real Estate Agent. He focuses his practice on providing legal, accounting, financial, and business consultation to various businesses operating in the hemp, marijuana, and psychedelic industries.

    Robinson has worked at one of the largest national accounting firms – Deloitte – as well as one of the largest national law firms – Holland & Knight. After working at Holland & Knight, Robinson applied his legal and accounting background to the business world while running a multi-state manufacturing company.

    Robinson is deeply involved in the cannabis industry through his law firm – Mr. Cannabis Law – and various cannabis-related organizations, including CannabisLAB, ASTM D-37 Global Standards for Cannabis, Leafstyle360, and Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. Robinson also serves as the Legal Director for NORML of Palm Beach; he is on the Legal Committee for the Florida Hemp Council, and he is on the Operations Sub-committee for Hemp Industries Association. As a member of the Board of Directors of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Robinson advocates for social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

    Robinson is also the co-founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law – a 501(c)(4) focused on using medical and spiritual research to drive responsible legal reform in Florida for psilocybin mushrooms and other entheogens. Robinson has drafted Resolutions for psychedelic decriminalization for various cities in Florida and hopes to build a responsible legal framework in Florida for the commercialization of psilocybin mushrooms and other entheogens. Robinson has built a team at Mr. Psychedelic Law that consists of the top lawyers, lobbyists, doctors, scientists, and spiritual leaders in the state of Florida. Robinson also represents various psychedelic non-profits including Mind Army and Ketamine Fund.

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    29m - Nov 4, 2022
  • How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World With Stephen Gray

    Stephen Gray is an author, editor, event organizer and speaker, and ceremony leader. He has been deeply involved with spiritual practices and sacramental (psychedelic) medicine work for over 40 years, including Tibetan Buddhism, the Native American Church (peyote prayer ceremonies), and ayahuasca. 

    We hear from psychedelic visionaries Christopher Bache, Zoe Helene, Wade Davis, Chris Kilham, Laurel Sugden, and others on the promise of psychedelic medicines for spiritual and healing work. We learn about indigenous stories to support our transformation from Native American leader Solana Booth, ancestral memory from Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire, cannabis’s role in world building from Minelli Eustàcio-Costa, the ritual roots of talking plants from Michael Stuart Ani, and alchemy across the arc of time from shaman Ya’Acov Darling Khan. 

    We also hear from cannabis grower The Dank Duchess; Bruce Damer, a “mystic scientist” working on the question of life’s origins and its future in space; Tyson Yunkaporta, Australian Aboriginal artist and scholar; visionary artist Martina Hoffmann; professor of religious studies G. William Barnard; activist Duane Elgin; Kohenet Rachel Kann, ordained Jewish priestess, and ceremonialist; and several other wise leaders for our time.

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    34m - Oct 28, 2022
  • The Psychedelic Handbook With Rick Strassman, M.D

    Entering the world of psychedelic drugs can be challenging, and many aren’t sure where to start. As research continues to expand and legalization looms on the horizon for psychedelics like psilocybin, you may need a guide to navigate what psychedelics are, how they work, and their potential benefits and risks.

    The Psychedelic Handbook is a complete manual that is accessible to anyone with an interest in these “mind-manifesting” substances. Packed with information on psilocybin, LSD, DMT/ayahuasca, mescaline/peyote, ketamine, MDMA, ibogaine, 5-methoxy-DMT (“the toad”), and Salvia divinorum/salvinorin A. This book is your ultimate reference for understanding the science and history of psychedelics; discovering their potential to treat depression, PTSD, substance abuse, and other disorders, as well as to increase wellness, creativity, and meditation; learning how to safely trip and explaining what we know about microdosing, and recognizing and caring for negative reactions to psychedelics.

    Rick Strassman, M.D., author of "DMT: The Spirit Molecule," and co-author of "Inner Paths to Outer Space," lives in Gallup, New Mexico, and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

    36m - Oct 21, 2022
  • Harvard’s Quixotic Pursuit of a New Science With Patrick L. Schmidt

    In Harvard’s Quixotic Pursuit of a New Science, Patrick L. Schmidt tells the little-known story of how some of the most renowned social scientists of the twentieth century struggled to elevate their emerging disciplines of cultural anthropology, sociology, and social and clinical psychology. 

    Scorned and marginalized in their respective departments in the 1930s for pursuing the controversial theories of Freud and Jung, they persuaded Harvard to establish a new department, promising to create an interdisciplinary science that would surpass in importance Harvard’s “big three” disciplines of economics, government, and history. Although the Department of Social Relations failed to achieve this audacious goal, it nonetheless attracted an outstanding faculty, produced important scholarly work and trained many notable graduates. 

    At times, it was a wild ride. Some faculty became notorious for their questionable research: Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (reborn as Ram Dass) gave the psychedelic drug psilocybin to students, while Henry Murray traumatized undergraduate Theodore Kaczynski (later the Unabomber) in a three-year-long experiment. Central to the story is the obsessive quest of legendary sociologist Talcott Parsons for a single theory unifying the social sciences– the white whale to his Captain Ahab. All in all, Schmidt’s lively narrative is an instructive tale of academic infighting, hubris, and scandal.

    For more episodes of Psychadelic Radio head to www.CannabisRadio.com

    29m - Oct 14, 2022
  • Maegical With Maegan and David Staab

    Maegical With Maegan and David Staab today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Maegical is a divinely inspired company, as husband and wife founders Maegen Staab and David Joseph have personally experienced and learned to heal many of the world’s most pressing issues. Maegen was severely sexually, emotionally, and physically abused from the age of 8 all the way up to her early 30s. The majority of this abuse was deeply suppressed, which in turn caused intense levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and rage.

    As her life progressed and the energy of the experience was not digested or dealt with, chronic sickness developed in her body, particularly in her mid to late 30s. Ehlers Danelos, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, hypoglycemia, Loose Ligaments, severe insomnia, severe inflammation, severe lifelong parasitic infections, severe PTSD, and lifelong chronic nailbiting were among the autoimmune illnesses Maegen was diagnosed with. She went on searching for healing for over 30 years, spending hundreds of thousands on Western Doctors that did absolutely nothing for her, time and time again. Also, when she was 15, she was required to receive a round of vaccines as her family was moving to Japan, and it was government-mandated.

    26m - Oct 7, 2022
  • Integration Communications with Brad Burge

    Integration Communications with founder Brad Burge today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Brad earned his B.A. in Communication and Psychology from Stanford University in 2005 and his M.A. in Communication from the University of California, San Diego in 2009. His graduate work focused on the political, scientific, and cultural changes required to make illicit drugs into legitimate medicines.

    In 2009, he presented his work on the history of the distinction between the recreational and medical use of drugs at the Critical Legal Studies conference at the University of Leicester in the UK. He has also interned for the Drug Policy Alliance and has a longstanding interest in drug policy reform and activism. In addition to his work with Integration Communications, Brad is a freelance writer and editor of projects pertaining to psychopharmacology, drug policy, and psychedelic therapy.

    He worked with MAPS from 2009 to 2020, where he engaged daily with journalists and media producers around the world to enhance public knowledge about psychedelic research, produced the largest-ever psychedelic conference (Psychedelic Science 2017), and developed MAPS' international brand and outreach strategies.

    34m - Sep 30, 2022
  • Cannabis And Psychedelic Radio With Daron Babin

    Cannabis And Psychedelic Radio With Daron Babin today on Psychadelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Today we talk to the owner and co-founder of Cannabis Radio Daron Babin about his journey and his decision to break into the world of Psychedelics. 

    Cannabis Radio is built by professionals in the broadcast industry, bringing almost 30 years of experience to this project. Our goal is to help those interested in learning more about legal cannabis. We are here to help bring about education to those who need it and want to help in the efforts to continue legalizing the plant across the United States and the world.

    32m - Sep 23, 2022
  • MycoMeditations with Justin Townsend

    MycoMeditations with CEO & Head Facilitator Justin Townsend today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. With experience as an advisor to start-ups, most recently in the healthcare space, Justin brings a blend of business acumen, leadership skills, and a nose for futuristic health models to the MycoMeditations team.

    Throughout his career Justin has worked as a business leader across a range of industries, helping innovative companies identify opportunities, communicate their vision and deliver profitable products. But he has also been on a personal quest to explore alternative healing therapies to combat his own anxiety and depression.

    34m - Sep 16, 2022
  • Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins

    Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio.

    Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D. is a member of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a Guest Researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Neuroimaging Research Branch, where he studies the effects of psychedelic drugs in humans, with a focus on psilocybin as an aid in the treatment of addiction.

    35m - Sep 9, 2022
  • Recovery And healing with Ben MacDonough

    Recovery And healing with Ben MacDonough today on Psychadelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. After dealing with a lifetime of physical pain from multiple surgeries and kidney transplants, Ben was advised by doctors that opioid medication was the only solution to his chronic pain. That prognosis was the beginning of a long road of drug dependence that left him feeling depressed, anxious, and suicidal.

    It wasn’t until he learned about a new innovative psychedelic treatment, Ketamine, that things began to change. After only one Ketamine session, his suicidal thoughts subsided — and he was mentally able to step outside of his traumas and view them from a third-party perspective. This was the game changer on his road to recovery and healing.

    30m - Sep 2, 2022
  • EntheoConnect With Co-Founder Greg Lake

    EntheoConnect with co-founder Greg Lake today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Despite copious amounts of data proving psychedelic/entheogens are safe and effective, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly censoring psychedelic/entheogen-related content. Accordingly, many in our community have lost large followings and valuable content. It is our intention at EntheoConnect to never censor any psychedelic/entheogen-related content on our platform.

    33m - Aug 26, 2022
  • Wavepaths With Co-Founder Anna Wakefield

    Wavepaths, the leading producer of music for use during psychedelic therapy, is announcing the launch of its new Listener Community, a private social network that turns music into a tool for supporting wellbeing and mental health—all from the comfort of one’s own home. The Listener Community marks the first time that anyone can regularly experience Wavepaths music outside of clinical settings.

    29m - Aug 19, 2022
  • Beond Treatment with Founder and CEO Tom Feegel

    Beond treatment with Founder and CEO Tom Feegel today on Psychadelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. The Beond 5-Phase treatment protocol "Insight Oriented Ibogaine" typically includes Ibogaine therapy and represents an innovative and effective path to profound transformational life change for people struggling with chemical dependency, substance abuse, and other behavioral conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD — including people for whom conventional treatments have not been effective.

    Trauma affects your actions and outlook on life, leading to severely self-destructive behaviors, as well as, addiction to opiates, alcohol, prescription medications, and other substances, but it doesn't have to be a death sentence. Beond's Mexico-based centers incorporate advanced medical expertise, ibogaine, and behavioral therapy to immediately relieve suffering, rapidly detoxify, and provide access to clarity, purpose, and a life that extends past shame, grief, addiction, and fear.

    32m - Aug 12, 2022
  • From The DEA to Treatment With Ed Burke

    From The DEA to Treatment With Ed Burke today on Psychadelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio.

    Ed Burke is a successful patient that's spent a lifetime in law enforcement in Chicago. For over a decade he served in the DEA in their Narcotics task force after working undercover. He eventually rose to the rank of Chief in the Cook County Sheriff's Office but ended his career as chief of the Cook County Homeland Security and emergency management office.

    27m - Aug 5, 2022
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