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Psychedelic Radio

Psychedelic Radio aims to illuminate and destigmatize the use of psychedelic medicines and provide real insight into the paradigm shift that is forming around how mental health is treated. Charles & Christina work in the field of Ketamine Therapy, using a therapeutic dose (which induces psychedelic healing). Tune in and hear how psychedelic medicine is being used to treat a myriad of mental health issues.


Beond Treatment with Founder and CEO Tom Feegel
Show Details32min 58s
From The DEA to Treatment With Ed Burke
Show Details27min 16s
Treating Lyme Disease And More with Psychedelics
Show Details37min 56s
The Presumptions Made About Psychedelic Medicine
Show Details34min 12s
MY Self Wellness: An Introduction To Psychedelic Radio
Show Details29min 35s