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PRSPR Podcast

PRSPR Podcast explores the future of personal finance for future generations by talking to industry visionaries who are building it. 


How will the Creator Economy look in Web 3.0 and DAO? | Full Podcast w/ Jade Darmawangsa
Show Details35min 46s
Yap Global starts a DAO! | How does a company exit to DAO? w/ Founder Samantha Yap
Show Details38min 15s
NFT Project made 2 MILLION DOLLARS in 5 Hours! w/ Godmin from Heaven.Computer | NFT Crypto Podcast
Show Details43min 21s
How will social media as news affect the human psyche? w/ Dan Toomey from Morning Brew
Show Details57min 32s
NFTs, Pudgy Penguins, and how DAOs will affect our collective future. w/ Cooper Turley (@coopahtroopa)
Show Details21min 32s
The creator economy, Human "IPOs" and the power of social tokens w/ Sigil Wen.
Show Details30min 42s
DAOs, democracy and DeFi governance W/ Dr.Nick Almond
Show Details52min 56s
The next Robinhood of Crypto w/ SmartDeFi Co-founder Kieran Daniels
Show Details41min 39s
The financial media revolution with BullishStudios Founder Brian Hanly
Show Details52min 27s
How to protect and store your Ethereum w/ Jordan Spence CMO of MyCrypto
Show Details54min 9s
Dangers of gambler's mentality in investing, how to be better than 80% of investors and more.
Show Details45min 58s
Crypto, DeFi and Yield Farming Explained [Live DEMO] by Red from Harvest.Finance
Show Details1hr 17min
Investing, building a stock portfolio and risk management w/ Robert Ross
Show Details47min 56s
This billion dollar trading App is changing investing forever with Jannick Malling
Show Details40min 51s
[Women only!] Your financial dreams unlocked with Nikki Dunn.
Show Details1hr
This is how you invest! with Austin Hankwitz
Show Details34min 13s
The rise of the retail investor, crypto and tech news with Zaid Admani
Show Details34min 38s
Bitcoin, Sound Money and The Environment with Dan Held
Show Details34min 47s
Investing in the metaverse and memes running the stock with Kyla Scanlon market
Show Details36min 2s