Residents of Proserpina Park

Residents of Proserpina Park is a fiction podcast focusing on mythological creatures mixed with a story just as wild as the past. Learn about creatures you've never heard before and follow Alina on her crazy journey to find the truth.


Bonus Episode #3 - Ft. G3 from RoPP
Show Details27min 52s
Bonus Episode #2 - Ft. Jess from Nowhere on Air
Show Details41min 44s
Residents of Proserpina Park Season 1 Trailer 2
Show Details1min 21s
Patreon Bonus Episode
Show Details9min 16s
Bonus Episode #1 - Ft. Sara and Vida from RoPP
Show Details52min 20s
Ep 10 Dragon vs... Dog?
Show Details9min 50s
Ep 09 - How to Find a Dragon
Show Details11min 8s
Ep 08 - A Slow Pace Isn't For Everyone
Show Details10min 14s
Ep 07 - Meeting the Park Ranger
Show Details12min 2s
Ep 06 - A Midsummer's Night Dream
Show Details10min 2s
Ep 05 - Aliens are Man's Real Best Friend?
Show Details14min 34s
Ep 04 - Mythical Pests are still Pests
Show Details9min 40s
Ep 03 - The Unexpected Mermaid
Show Details10min 56s
Ep 02 - Dog Kisses and Dog Bites
Show Details11min 12s
Ep 01 - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...
Show Details16min 12s
Residents of Proserpina Park Season 1 Trailer
Show Details40s