Season 2 | Episode 10
1h 12m | Apr 24, 2024

In this episode, join us for a thought-provoking dialogue with a mystic Israelite as we explore unique perspectives on relationships, spirituality, and identity.

Our guest offers profound insights on the importance of choosing relationships wisely amidst a digital age dominated by social media influences. Discover why discernment is crucial in navigating modern connections and how to maintain clarity amidst the noise.

Delving deeper, we explore our guest's religious beliefs, including her perspective that black people are the native children, rooted in her interpretation of ancient texts. Learn about her conviction that modesty, as outlined in the Bible, holds significant value for women today, reflecting timeless principles in a contemporary context.

Through this engaging discussion, we invite you to embrace authenticity and openness, "come as you are," as we explore the potential for heart transformation and the development of a lasting spiritual connection with a higher power.

Tune in to Promise you that Podcast for an enriching exchange that challenges assumptions and opens doors to new perspectives on relationships, faith, and personal growth.

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