• Why Electric Cars Won't Be The Norm

    Season 2 is here and now with video! Check it out on YouTube. Find out why Electric Cars won't be mainstream anytime soon. We question why manufacturers won't listen to the car community, touch upon the legendary Lamborghini Miura SV, and dive deeper into each of our personal lives. Enjoy Season 2!!!!

    1h 13m | Feb 7, 2022
  • Muscle Car Faceoff!

    In this last Episode of Season 1, we debate the 3 great muscle cars of our time. Mustang VS Camaro VS Challenger: Which one is the best? Our car spotlight for today is the Nissan 300ZX, we take a deeper dive into Van Culture and ponder whether the R35 GTR is Overrated or not.

    57m | Dec 27, 2021
  • Are Cars Bad Financially?

    Yes, of course they are. But is it worth it? We also discuss how sometimes cars can even become an investment to make us money. The car spotlight for today is the Lexus CT200H, we finally touch on the new Civic Design Language and share our opinions on Car Journalists of today.

    1h 10m | Dec 6, 2021
  • Ideal Car From Factory

    A super fun topic: our Ideal Car From Factory. We go over our ideas to manufacturers around the world what the enthusiast wants at all price points for a brand new car. We talk about the crazy Tesla Model S Plaid, the electric Damon Motorcycles and the success of Doug Demuro.

    1h 10m | Nov 29, 2021
  • Next Gen Car Culture

    Full roast episode going off about the Next Generation of Car Culture. Are we doomed or are there still true car enthusiasts among us? Tune in as we discuss our thoughts. Lamborghini releases the new Countach, we share our unpopular opinion that the Bugatti Veyron isn't all that, and discuss California's insane laws on ECU restrictions.

    56m | Nov 15, 2021
  • Our Plans And Goals

    In this very special episode, we discuss our plans and goals for Project Blacklist! We love creating content for you guys and hope to expand our brand further. We touch on the somewhat forgotten Lexus SC300, debate the Bronco VS Wrangler, and speculate on the design of the New Integra.

    1h 2m | Nov 8, 2021
  • 2022 WRX

    Finally, we share our thoughts on the new long awaited 2022 WRX. Is there any good to that car at all? We take a deep dive into the come up of the Genesis brand, we unveil Jake's New Car, and figure out why sellers list Autos as Manuals.

    1h 0m | Nov 1, 2021
  • Blind Car Purchases

    Have you ever thought about purchasing a car before seeing it in person? We all have, and today we discuss the risks behind it. The car spotlight is the absolutely insane Koenigsegg Gemera, we touch on the ride of Screens in new cars, and ask why Car Clubs have changed over the years?

    59m | Oct 25, 2021
  • JDM Car Prices Skyrocketing!

    Seriously, why are S2K's selling for 30k? We submerge ourselves into what looks like the most expensive used sports car market of all time. We take a closer look at the old but gold 81 Suzuki Jimny, share our real thoughts on Burble Tunes and finally give our review on Fast 9.

    1h 7m | Oct 18, 2021
  • Best Engines Of All Time

    Today we discuss the Best 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder Engines of all time! The car spotlight is the sometimes forgotten 2012 Audi TTRS, we overview the differences between the Audi R8 and the Lambo Huracan, and foresee a Return in Car Shows?

    1h 5m | Oct 11, 2021
  • Is Rocket Bunny The Best Kit?

    Is the Rocket Bunny Kit truly the best kit? We dive further into our opinions of one of the most popular looks on aftermarket cars. The all new TLX Type S is out here to take names, we get back into Takeovers, and discuss horror stories of Youtubers Importing cars.

    1h 1m | Oct 4, 2021
  • Motorcycle VS Car Culture

    You ever wonder what the differences are between Motorcycle and Car Culture? We dispute what makes these two so unique in their own light. We shine a spotlight on the Ford Lightning, examine Ford's decision to Remove All Cars from their line-up, and discuss Junkyard Digs.

    1h 6m | Sep 15, 2021
  • Discontinued Cars

    We take a trip back memory lane in the car industry and speculate bringing back Discontinued Cars that were an icon in their heyday. We talk about the amazing 2018 Cadillac CTS-V, discuss whether it's a good idea to Buy Someone Else's Project Car and ask ourselves: has Krispy fallen off?

    1h 3m | Sep 1, 2021
  • Japanese VS German Luxury

    A heated topic! We go in detail and compare Japan VS German Luxury. We bring the spotlight to the forgotten Lexus LC 500, discuss the Racing Sim at the Olympics and highlight the award winning film: Ford V Ferrari.

    1h 1m | Aug 15, 2021
  • Who Decides What's Rice?

    Seriously, Who Decides What's Rice? We touch on this controversial topic and go on some roasts sprees. We talk about the new BRZ design, touch on why Accuair is shutting down and... Car Tiktok.

    1h 4m | Aug 1, 2021
  • Truth Behind Car Giveaways

    You ever wonder why there's so many Car Giveaways? We unveil the nasty truth behind them. We shine light on the classic 69 Mustang Fastback GT, ponder as to why all music in car videos is the same, and discuss the oversaturation of car Youtubers.

    56m | Jul 15, 2021
  • Why Driving Makes Us Happy

    We all love cars, but sometimes we need to stop and appreciate why driving makes us happy. We discuss the insanity of the 2006 Volkswagen Phaeton, wonder why most car girls are Asian, and realize car games suck now.

    1h 9m | Jul 1, 2021
  • Rise and Fall of H2Oi

    You guys ever wonder what happened to H2Oi? Did the hype die? We touch on the legendary AE86, discuss Shahan's 3000gt build plan, and laugh at Superfast.

    1h 9m | Jun 16, 2021
  • Upcoming Legal Imports

    You don't want to miss this one. We have a dope list of upcoming legal imports that you will want to check out! We go into detail about the somewhat forgotten R33 GTR, discuss Brian's new car and a unique YouTube channel that creates quality car content out in Russia.

    1h 15m | Jun 1, 2021
  • Rep Wheels

    Rep Wheels. Are they good or bad? We go into detail about the 1997-2000 Toyota Corolla AE111, discuss the new Fast 9 trailer and the people who take the movie seriously.

    1h 1m | May 15, 2021
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