Programming Gyan [C++]

ProgrammingGyan is mainly for people interested in programming and software development. If you a seasoned programmer or a mid-level developer or a student who is planning to enter in the software industry, this podcast is for you. Here I will be talking about different tips and tricks of programming. How to prepare for an interview? Different interview questions. I will also try to interview some industry experts and pioneers of the industry.


EP 3 - [C++] Polymorphism, Function overriding and Virtual function.
Show Details8min 6s
Ep 2 - [C++] What happens when you write an Inline function?
Show Details6min 22s
Ep 1 - [C++] Prefer const and inline to #define
Show Details5min 34s
Intro to ProgrammingGyan
Show Details1min 30s