Be Less Reactive to the NEWS HEADLINES!

Proactive is an in-depth analysis of the law, governance, politics and everything related to the human rights. The analysis is to ensure Kenyans are informed and be able to make sound decisions especially regulations that affect the growth of a country.

The goal of Proactive is to ensure the public takes action:

  • To vote
  • To hold politicians (leaders) accountable
  • To take part during budget and policy making process
  • and much more!


Proactive Ep 10: Reproduction Bill by Susan Kihika
Show Details42min 30s
Proactive Ep 9: Revenue Allocation
Show Details1hr 6min
Proactive Ep 8: Corruption, what does BBI recommend?
Show Details1hr 25min
Proactive Ep 7: Ethnic Antagonism and Competition; The Joke is on Kenyans, the leaders are Friends!
Show Details1hr 5min
Proactive Ep 6: Lack of National Ethos (Bonus Episode)
Show Details28min 21s
Proactive Ep 6: Lack of National Ethos
Show Details57min 7s
Proactive Ep 5: Safety and Security.
Show Details55min 44s
Proactive Ep 4: Shared Prosperity
Show Details53min 10s
Proactive Ep 3: Devolution & Inclusivity
Show Details56min
Proactive Ep 2: Divisive Elections (BBI Nine Point Agenda)
Show Details1hr 8min
Proactive Ep 1: The Buck Stops Here! Take Responsibility
Show Details58min 25s