James Demetriades, Penn Medicine Princeton Health CEO

26m | Feb 7, 2024

In Episode 48 of the Princeton Podcast, our Princeton Podcast host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed James Demetriades, Penn Medicine Princeton Health CEO.

James discussed the history of the Princeton Medical Center and its move from downtown Princeton to its current location on Route 1 allowing for its expansion to serve nearly 60,000 patient visits per year. James also reviewed the expanded services now offered by the Penn Medicine Princeton Health system and those currently under development, including a new cancer center. Mark and James also discussed the changing career of nurses, and Mark shared the story of his mother’s career as a nurse for 40 years at the Princeton Hospital when it was located downtown.

I enjoyed meeting James Demetriades and learning about our hospital’s current programs and plans for the future. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Princeton Podcast Producer

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