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Primitive Initiative Podcast

A podcast for those who want the other side of the story.

Primitive Initiative Podcast is tailored for those who seek knowledge to its deepest depths. The guests on this podcast are a result of a decade of research into fields ranging from alternative history, health, philosophy, religion, physics, chemistry to politics and more.

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Danny Roddy | Self Sustenance, Pathology of Stress, Authoritarian Gurus, Ray Peat, Intuition, Diet Identity + more
Show Details1hr 25min
Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Healing Diets, Infections, Viral Isolation, Bypassing Mandates, Self Doctoring and Therapeutic Protocols
Show Details1hr 21min
Hans Amato | Nigella Sativa, Starch + Fiber Problems, Preserving Youth, Liver Health & Stressful Serotonin
Show Details2hr 25min
Courtney & Jim (Pure & Secure-Pure Water-AquaNui Distillers) | Company History, Filtration vs Distillation, Contaminants, Mineral "Leaching" & other DW Myths
Show Details51min 47s
Keith Littlewood | Reductionism, Thyroid, Vitamin D, Temperature, DHA, Cholesterol & Ketogenic Diet
Show Details2hr 5min
Dr. Ray Peat | Planned Obsolescence, Particulate Matter, The "Green" Reset, Soil, Wilhelm Reich, Social Structure, Digital vs Analog Reality, Morality and much more.
Show Details2hr 25min
Thaddeus Owen | EMF Mitigation, Light Hygiene, Technocrats, Hormones, Orgone Energy & Geopathic Stress
Show Details1hr 48min
Dr. Ray Peat | Origins, Lamarck, "Novel" Events, Radiation + Q & A
Show Details1hr 39min