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Prime Cohesion

Welcome to Prime Cohesion please join us as we move forward in this endeavor, we hope you join us for some banter and laughs as we touch on real life topics that united us.


Week 4 NCAA Football
Show Details19min 55s
He said What?
Show Details18min 35s
College Football is BACK!
Show Details27min 44s
Excerpts from Friday Night LIVE
Show Details13min 39s
Smitty Unfiltered (BEEP)
Show Details16min 53s
Tater B Nutz Volume 2
Show Details15min 11s
The PACT Act
Show Details16min 45s
Outtakes from Sunday NIght Live
Show Details16min 1s
Tater B Nutz Conspiracies Volume 1
Show Details10min 58s
Am I being Trolled, an anonymous question from the past
Show Details27min 4s
PTSD with special quest Tara Nichols
Show Details1hr 6min
Obi Wan, was it mercy?
Show Details20min 12s
Banana Ball lets GO!
Show Details7min 47s
Health & Fitness the Basics
Show Details53min 1s
Special Guest Fire Fighter Nick Zbikowski
Show Details23min 43s
Housing Market: Special Guest Realtor Renee Perry
Show Details55min 48s
Introducing Flordia Man_Bloopers_Outtakes
Show Details10min 2s
Card Fee Mayhem
Show Details20min 42s
The Letter
Show Details4min 8s
Georgia Constitutional Carry
Show Details31min 53s
Ukraine and a bit of History
Show Details37min 32s
The Guardians Project
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