Prim M's Playlist

A podcast analyzing and recommending underrated K-pop tunes based on YOUR taste! Photograph in podcast art thanks to Moose Photos on Pexels.


S3E9 | Songs for the Summer (ft. nugu promoter)
Show Details27min 23s
S3E8 | Can't Believe It's Been So Long
Show Details29min 12s
S3E7 | Girls Night!
Show Details22min 31s
S3E6 | It's Trot-o'-Clock
Show Details20min 20s
S3E5 | Detuned and Distorted (ft. Aid Vllasaliu of
Show Details39min 47s
S3E4 | A Tale Of Two... Guitars
Show Details24min 4s
S3E3 | It's *MY* Birthday Party and *I* Get To Choose The Playlist
Show Details28min 30s
S3E2 | Battle of the Bands
Show Details26min 26s
S3E1 | I'm Back, and I Brought City Pop (ft. R0-S3)
Show Details30min 32s
S2E10 | An Incredibly Self-Indulgent Season Finale
Show Details27min 1s
S2E9 | Take Me to Funkytown
Show Details14min 51s
S2E8 | Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Show Details16min 28s
S2E7 | Prim Tries To Describe Voices For 15 Minutes Straight
Show Details16min 22s
S2E6 | Cuteness Overload
Show Details17min 24s
S2E5 | We All Need A Break
Show Details18min 2s
S2E4 | Traveling Through Time
Show Details16min 13s
S2E3 | a m b i a n c e
Show Details13min 59s
S2E2 | lofi underrated k-pop beats to chill/study to
Show Details18min 1s
S2E1 | Is It Halloween Yet?
Show Details17min 3s
Episode 6 | The Super-Special Pre-College Season-Finale Mega-Episode!
Show Details25min 34s
Episode 5 | Rapping, Snapping, and Unexpected Variety
Show Details13min 20s
Episode 4 | Guitars, The 80’s, And Deja Vu
Show Details15min 2s
Episode 3 | C-pop, Tomatoes, and Bad Segues
Show Details16min 33s
Episode 2 | Basses, Voices, and Gamer References
Show Details14min 57s
Episode 1 | Dogs, Ballads, & A Trot Bop
Show Details11min 25s