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Preach Better

I read old dead guys and share their wisdom to encourage men in Christian ministry.


Spurgeon on Street Preaching
Show Details12min 30s
The Need for Bold Preachers - Spurgeon's Hills to Die On Part 2
Show Details9min 50s
Spurgeon's Hills to Die On
Show Details7min 40s
Why Preachers Need the Help of the Holy Spirit - Part 2
Show Details11min 17s
Why Preachers Need the Help of the Holy Spirit - Part 1
Show Details9min 52s
Spurgeon's Philosophy of Reading
Show Details10min 18s
Spurgeon on "The Minister's Ordinary Conversation"
Show Details8min 14s
How Spurgeon Dealt with Depression in the Ministry
Show Details17min 43s
The Preacher's "Noble Power"
Show Details14min 2s
ATTENTION! How to Get It (and Keep It) When You Preach
Show Details14min 34s
Spurgeon's 3 Rules for Better Public Speaking and 7 Tips for Improving Your Voice
Show Details14min 25s
Avoid Looking Like a Fool by Following Spurgeon's Advice on Spiritualizing
Show Details10min 14s
Why Preacher's Must Be Holy - Spurgeon's 3 "Musts" for the Minister's Life
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Choosing a Verse to Preach On - Charles Spurgeon's Method for Starting a Sermon
Show Details13min 1s
"What Should I Preach About?" - Charles Spurgeon Answers
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The Preacher's Private Prayer Life
Show Details11min 4s
How to Pray Better in Public - Charles Spurgeon's Tips
Show Details12min 41s
How to Tell if God is Calling You into the Ministry
Show Details7min 47s