56: Praying for Healing with Meredyth Fletcher

52m | Sep 15, 2022

Our spiritual and physical lives are deeply connected, but how and why does it matter? Val chats with functional nutritionals Meredyth Fletcher of Karpos Wellness about the science behind this connection, how we can practically pray over our bodies and health. 

Karpos Wellness is a creative and innovative approach towards holistic health with an emphasis on nutrient-dense whole foods as a foundation towards physical and emotional healing

Meredyth’s Website | Meredyth’s Instagram

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • 3:25 Meredyth’s current prayer routine
  • 7:00 How our spiritual life and physical health relate
  • 15:20 Praying for alignment in our bodies
  • 23:40 How do we not idolize our health
  • 29:00 Involving others in praying for your health
  • 33:40 Encouragement when struggling with health
  • 39:12 Why we may not experience immediate healing

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