Praise the Poor(咏贫士) 1-7 by Tao Yuanming(陶渊明)

Let's weep together cause of poor old and sick: In the end of the year, cold, head and neck in, shoulder forward, tight my jacket, sun heat in south corridor......咏贫士二凄厉岁云暮,拥褐hè曝前轩。南圃无遗秀,枯条盈北园。倾壶绝馀沥,窥灶不见烟。诗书塞座外,日昃zè不遑huáng研。闲居非陈厄,窃有愠见言。何以慰吾怀,赖古多此贤。'''''' 年底了,一派凄凉严寒,探肩缩脖夹紧褂子在南廊&#2...


Regret I didn't meet the time 感士不遇赋
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Praise the Poor 4 - Qian Lou 黔娄
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Praise the Poor 7 Huang zilian 黄子廉
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Praise the Poor 6 Zhong Wei 咏贫士6 仲蔚- 陶渊明
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Praise the Poor 5 Yuan An 咏贫士5 袁安 - 陶渊明
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Praise the poor 3 -Old Rong 咏贫士3 荣叟-陶渊明
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Praise the Poor 1 - Chinese - English (咏贫士) 陶渊明
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Praise the Poor 2 by Tao Yuanming
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