• Episode 029: Black Lives Matter

    Back from the coronaverse! Lakari & Cameron tell you to stay home, do art, and black lives still matter! We are having withdrawals from movies and friendly hangouts!! We miss y'all babes!

    38m - Jul 10, 2020
  • Episode 028: Sneeze On Me Daddy!

    The duo breaks down the coronaverse! We take a field trip to Lakari's comic book storage space and Cameron is open to suggestions! Give a review on iTunes and we'll give you a kiss!

    50m - Mar 13, 2020
  • Episode 027: Love Is Free, Baby!

    Lakari and Cameron talk about love languages, romance, friends, and the 36 questions to fall in love! Listen to us, we're love professionals! Also, wash your hands!!!

    55m - Mar 6, 2020
  • Episode 026: VHS Tape Cleaner

    Santangello has decided to crash this episode! We love her energy. We had to catch up on all the Mardi Gras shenanigans! Gay Mardi Gras Balls are the best! We also break down Birds of Prey and give you all full spoilers!

    52m - Feb 21, 2020
  • Episode 025: Hot Sauce

    We covered each other in hot sauce and then licked it off. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

    48m - Jan 31, 2020
  • Episode 024: Don't Give White People Money

    Lakari has officially stopped handing out money. Sorry, you all missed your opportunity! Cameron also has a few TV show suggestions to add to your queue. Like and Subscribe to our Instagram!!

    51m - Jan 24, 2020
  • Episode 023: Back In The Habit

    We are back for season 2! It's 2020 and we are making some personal changes, like daily showers! Enjoy the banter and share with your friends!

    57m - Jan 17, 2020
  • Episode 022: Live Studio Audience!

    Not really. Cameron found an online soundboard, and it's a party! This episode wraps up season one of Pragmatic Queery!! We love and appreciate all of our listeners! We both hope this episode bring you all joy and a good laugh! Giggle Giggle! See y'all next season!!!

    51m - Oct 20, 2019
  • Episode 021: Clowning Around

    Super nerd episode! Did you see the new Joker movie?? We did!!! Hear what we thought about it! Also, a straight boy has some very gay questions for us.

    58m - Oct 4, 2019
  • Episode 020: What Are You Into?

    We go over a recent internet census. It's a little saucy! Let's just say... the south has a... type? The episode ends with climate change. (are you getting hot and heavy?)

    47m - Sep 27, 2019
  • Episode 019: Ghosts & Ghosting

    This week we want to know: do you believe in the afterlife? Are ghosts real? How are they different from spirits? Also, let's talk about stress and anxiety! Are you all taking good care of yourself? YOU BETTER!!!

    48m - Sep 20, 2019
  • Episode 018: Champagne Gravy Train

    Lakari wanted a sip, he ended up with an empty bottle! Secret guest Santana puts her two cents in. Maybe our relationship advice will suffice?? Let's party!

    51m - Sep 13, 2019
  • Episode 017: Drunk Podcasting

    Let talk about our feelings! If Pixar taught us anything, it's that it is ok to cry! Also, is it ok to only have wine for dinner? Asking for a friend!! Someone tell Lakari to stop reading Cameron's notifications!

    51m - Sep 6, 2019
  • Episode 016: D23NMe

    We gush on all the D23 news and reveals! We also have a super secret special pop-up guest, Semisi. Only good Judys today!!

    49m - Aug 31, 2019
  • Episode 015: Interplanetary, Megastellar, Hydrostatic

    While Cameron says some words of encouragement, Lakari calls out all his haters! We both try to save the rainforest by raising awareness of the lack of action from the world's governments. Remember kids, the world is ending! Can you say, "Apocalipsis"

    55m - Aug 23, 2019
  • Episode 014: Can't Trust Anyone Named Dick

    We start off with remembering Stan Lee and by the end of the show we are talking about how fish we feel in drag. This episode is variety! Let us also tell you how our city is trying to include LGBTQ students in the anti bully policies. Honey, you can't tell us nothing!!!!!

    45m - Aug 16, 2019
  • Episode 013: Syrup Sandwiches

    It's time to talk about how to be a decent human! 'Cause we are sisters, we stand together! We make up one big family, though we don't look the same. Our spots are different, different colors! We make each other stronger - that ain't ever gonna change!

    1h 6m - Aug 9, 2019
  • Episode 012: LSD & Mario Lopez

    So we pick up where we left off, with a dramatic domestic violence case! Was it murder? Did we leave you scared? He's the real tea!! Also, did anyone notice how transphobic Mario Lopez was?

    48m - Aug 2, 2019
  • Episode 011: Rudely Interrupted

    The Queery duo talk about all the juicy Marvel content that came out of Comic Con 2019! We didn't get to talk about everything we wanted because we were rudely interrupted. What happened you ask? Tune in next week to find out the DRAMA!

    55m - Jul 26, 2019
  • Episode 010: Gayer Than You Think

    So we were supposed to talk about Comic Con 2019, but we got side tracked with that gay stuff. Here is a comprehensive list of queer movies and tv shows you MUST watch if you are LGBTQIA+ henny! We talk about Comic Con a little bit at the end. Tune in next week for more!

    1h 1m - Jul 20, 2019
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