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Pot with Potts

Two Budtenders currently working in the developing New England Cannabis industry talk about what we've learned in hopes of ending the stigma around cannabis users. We share our personal experiences, and opinions on the local market in an effort to make information more accessible and palatable to everyone from 1st time users to what we like to call "Heavy hitters".


Military to Cannabis Pipeline with Nelson Part 2
Show Details48min 23s
Military to Cannabis Pipeline with Nelson Part 1
Show Details47min 30s
Potts Pops in to Panacea Wellness
Show Details1hr 13min
I Got My Vaccine At An Abandoned Circuit City
Show Details40min 51s
The Endo-Cannabinoid Episode
Show Details49min 38s
Pot with Potts
Show Details21min 54s
Pot with Potts
Show Details58min 15s