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Trek experts Dan and Barry discuss a variety of Trek topics, often with special guests! We want to share our love of the Star Trek universe, and celebrate how it has touched our lives. We also cover news and reviews of all new Star Trek shows and films!


Our Unpopular Star Trek Opinions
Show Details50min 57s
Sailing the High Seas with Bryson
Show Details1hr 4min
Spooky Trek!
Show Details45min 15s
Trailers and News from New York Comic Con!
Show Details1hr 6min
Book Club: Second Self
Show Details1hr 20min
Star Trek Conventions and the Fans Who Love Them
Show Details1hr 13min
Book Club: The Star Trek Cookbook
Show Details39min 21s
Star Trek Day 2022 Extravaganza!
Show Details1hr 21min
Book Club: Tales of The Dominion War
Show Details1hr 13min
Farewell to Bruce!
Show Details1hr 5min
Our Favorite Nichelle Nichols/Uhura Moments
Show Details1hr 8min
Juicy Details from SDCC 2022!
Show Details34min 43s
The Best Vacation Spots in the Final Frontier!
Show Details1hr 15min
48 Straight Weeks of Trek!
Show Details1hr 33min
Strange New Worlds Review: “A Quality of Mercy” (Season One Finale!)
Show Details2hr 1min
Strange New Worlds Review: “All Those Who Wander” (1.09)
Show Details1hr 9min
Strange New Worlds Review: “The Elysian Kingdom” (1.08)
Show Details59min 27s
Strange New Worlds Review: “The Serene Squall” (1.07)
Show Details1hr 7min
Book Club: Adventures in the 32nd Century
Show Details48min 22s
Strange New Worlds Review: “Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach” (1.06)
Show Details51min 55s
Strange New Worlds Review: “Spock Amok” (1.05)
Show Details1hr 6min
Book Club: Final Frontier by Diane Carey
Show Details1hr 13min
Strange New Worlds Review: “Memento Mori” (1.04)
Show Details58min 13s
Book Club: Star Trek Explorer #2 Short Stories
Show Details54min 22s
Strange New Worlds Review: “Ghosts of Illyria” (1.03)
Show Details46min 20s
Strange New Worlds Review: “Children of the Comet” (1.02)
Show Details1hr 24min
Picard Season 2 Finale Review: “Farewell” & Strange New Worlds Premiere!
Show Details2hr 1min
Book Club: Dragon’s Honor
Show Details1hr 5min
Picard Review: “Hide and Seek” (2.09)
Show Details1hr 5min
Picard Review: “Mercy” (2.08)
Show Details1hr 5min
Book Club: Trek Beyond the Screen!
Show Details49min 38s
Picard Review: “Monsters” (2.07)
Show Details1hr 14min
Picard Review: “Two of One” (2.06)
Show Details54min 43s
Book Club: Terok Nor - Dawn of the Eagles
Show Details1hr 2min
Picard Review: “Fly Me to the Moon” (2.05)
Show Details58min 29s
Picard Review: “Watcher” (2.04)
Show Details1hr 18min
Book Club: Ragnarok
Show Details1hr 4min
Discovery: “Coming Home” (Season 4 Finale!) & Picard: “Assimilation” (2.03)
Show Details1hr 30min
Discovery Review: “Species Ten-C” (4.12) & Picard Review: "Penance" (2.02)
Show Details1hr 33min
Book Club: Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves
Show Details1hr 8min
Picard Review: “The Star Gazer” (Season 2 Premiere!)
Show Details1hr 32min
Discovery Review: “The Galactic Barrier” (4.10)
Show Details1hr
Book Club: No Man’s Land with Kirsten Beyer & Mike Johnson
Show Details44min 10s
Discovery Review: “Rubicon” (4.09)
Show Details58min 48s
Book Club: Terok Nor - Day of the Vipers
Show Details1hr 9min
176: Discovery Review: “All In” (4.08)
Show Details48min 40s
175: Prodigy Review: “A Moral Star, Part 2” (1.10)
Show Details1hr 6min
Prodigy Review: “A Moral Star, Part 1” (1.09)
Show Details58min
Book Club: Experienced in Loss
Show Details1hr 4min
All the Star Trek Coming in 2022 & a New PICARD TRAILER!
Show Details1hr 11min
Prodigy Review: “First Con-tact” (1.07)
Show Details49min 21s
Book Club: Revenant with Special Guest Alex White!
Show Details1hr 22min
Prodigy Review: “Kobayashi” (1.06)
Show Details47min 49s
Discovery Review: “... But to Connect” (4.07)
Show Details38min 59s
Book Club: The Galactic Whirlpool
Show Details1hr
Discovery Review: “Stormy Weather” (4.06)
Show Details56min 28s
Discovery Review: “The Examples” (4.05)
Show Details53min 18s
Book Club: Oblivion’s Gate
Show Details1hr 41min
Discovery Review: “All is Possible” (4.04)
Show Details1hr 6min
Discovery Review: “Choose to Live” (4.03)
Show Details48min 50s
Book Club: Star Trek Explorer #1 Short Stories
Show Details37min 34s
Discovery Review: “Anomaly” (4.02)
Show Details51min 17s
Discovery Review: “Kobayashi Maru” (Season 4 Premiere!)
Show Details1hr 17min
Book Club: The Ashes of Tomorrow
Show Details1hr 12min
Prodigy Review: “Dream Catcher” (1.04)
Show Details54min 7s
Prodigy Review: “Starstruck” (1.03)
Show Details52min 11s
Book Club: The Buried Age
Show Details1hr 2min
Prodigy Review: “Lost and Found” (Series Premiere!)
Show Details58min 35s
Preparing for Prodigy!
Show Details54min 41s
Book Club: Moments Asunder with Special Guest Dayton Ward!
Show Details1hr 5min
The Pets of Star Trek
Show Details59min 23s
Lower Decks Review: “First First Contact” (Season 2 Finale!)
Show Details50min 11s
Discovery & Prodigy Panels from New York Comic Con
Show Details1hr 5min
Lower Decks Review: “wej Duj” (2.09)
Show Details47min 41s
Book Club: The Autobiography of Mr. Spock
Show Details1hr 3min
Special Guest: Discovery’s Ryn, Noah Averbach-Katz!
Show Details59min 28s
Lower Decks Review: “I, Excretus” (2.08)
Show Details46min 53s
Let’s Celebrate Star Trek!
Show Details1hr 12min
Lower Decks Review: “Where Pleasant Fountains Lie” (2.07)
Show Details37min 20s
Discovery & Prodigy at NYCC, Trek Film News, and More!
Show Details42min 22s
Lower Decks Review: “The Spy Humongous” (2.06)
Show Details45min 3s
Book Club: Catalyst of Sorrows
Show Details54min 13s
Star Trek Day 2021
Show Details1hr 7min
Lower Decks Review: “An Embarrassment of Dooplers” (2.05)
Show Details47min 36s
Prodigy Revealed!
Show Details51min 54s
Lower Decks Review: “Mugato, Gumato”
Show Details1hr
Book Club: Rogue Elements
Show Details1hr 21min
Highlights from The 55-Year Mission
Show Details1hr 13min
Lower Decks Review: “We’ll Always Have Tom Paris” (2.03)
Show Details40min 16s
Star Trek’s Leadership Lessons
Show Details53min 11s
Lower Decks Review: “Kayshon, His Eyes Open” (2.02)
Show Details55min 50s
Book Club: Enterprise: The First Adventure
Show Details59min 16s
Let’s Look Ahead to Discovery!
Show Details45min 53s
Lower Decks Review: “Strange Energies” (2.01)
Show Details40min
Star Trek’s Most Stirring Moments
Show Details1hr 13min
Book Club: Deny Thy Father
Show Details1hr 6min
I Got a Clean Bill of Health From Dr. McCoy!
Show Details44min 21s
Trailers and Updates and Conventions, Oh My!
Show Details51min
Book Club: Shadows Have Offended
Show Details57min 26s
New Star Trek Film in 2023?
Show Details49min 42s
Book Club: Well of Souls
Show Details55min 53s
Strange New Worlds Tidbits from Anson Mount!
Show Details40min 44s
Captain on the Bridge
Show Details1hr 6min
Star Trek’s Unresolved Cliffhangers!
Show Details49min 24s
Book Club: Living Memory
Show Details1hr 13min
Picard Season 2 Trailer, Prodigy Details, and More!
Show Details45min 54s
The Great Starship Showdown!
Show Details36min 9s
Book Club: Weaker Than Man
Show Details1hr 2min
Controversial Star Trek Opinions
Show Details59min 34s
Star Trek’s Best Friendships!
Show Details1hr 17min
Book Club: Wonderlands
Show Details1hr 6min
New Comic Series, Discovery Season 4 Update, and More!
Show Details32min 49s
Lower Decks Blu-Ray Spectacular!
Show Details34min 56s
Book Club: The Art of the Impossible
Show Details1hr 6min
Too Many Ships for Just One Book
Show Details48min 48s
Happy Moogie’s Day!
Show Details47min 24s
Book Club: Metamorphosis
Show Details1hr 15min
Worf Would Never Grunt Like That
Show Details1hr 11min
Alex Kurtzman on the Blurring Line Between Film and Television
Show Details41min 33s
Book Club: Survivors
Show Details1hr 14min
An Overload of Trek News on First Contact Day!
Show Details1hr 10min
So Much to Celebrate!
Show Details1hr 3min
Book Club: One Constant Star
Show Details49min 44s
Hanelle Culpepper Honored for Star Trek: Picard
Show Details35min 54s
Funko Pops, Books, and More!
Show Details28min 11s
Book Club: Serpents Among the Ruins
Show Details55min 11s
Casting Announcements for Strange New Worlds!
Show Details42min 52s
A New Trek Film Script On the Way?
Show Details32min 2s
Book Club: The Needs of the Many
Show Details52min 55s
First Look At Star Trek: Prodigy Characters!
Show Details48min 50s
What Will the Viacom CBS Investor’s Day Reveal?
Show Details43min 49s
Book Club: Seven’s Reckoning
Show Details57min 57s
Star Trek’s 55th Anniversary & New Books Added to the 2021
Show Details45min 35s
Special Guest: Discovery’s Lieutenant Sahil, Adil Hussain
Show Details1hr 1min
Book Club: The Sundered
Show Details1hr 5min
Climbing Paramount Mountain
Show Details31min 58s
Six Series Finales and Counting
Show Details55min 30s
Book Club: Picard: The Dark Veil
Show Details1hr 9min
The Season Finale Spectacular!
Show Details1hr 15min
That’s a Starfleet-Issue Boom Mike!
Show Details35min 55s
Discovery Review: “That Hope is You, Part 2” (Season 3 Finale!)
Show Details1hr 5min
Book Club: Federation
Show Details1hr 12min
The State of Star Trek in 2021
Show Details49min 25s
Discovery Review: “There Is a Tide…” (3.12)
Show Details54min 8s
2020 Year in Review!
Show Details40min
Discovery Review: “Su’Kal” (3.11)
Show Details50min 15s
Book Club: Spock Must Die!
Show Details55min 12s
Lower Decks on Amazon Prime! International Release Date
Show Details24min 18s
Discovery Review: “Terra Firma, Part 2” (3.10)
Show Details51min 26s
Talking Trek with Hero Collector’s Ben Robinson
Show Details49min 48s
Discovery Review: “Terra Firma, Part 1” (3.09)
Show Details44min 53s
Book Club: Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice
Show Details54min 56s
Lower Decks Season 2 On the Way!
Show Details33min 22s
Discovery Review: “The Sanctuary” (3.08)
Show Details56min 7s
Picard, Pizza, and Playthings!
Show Details53min 24s
Discovery Review: “Unification III” (3.07)
Show Details56min 55s
Book Club: The Original Series: A Contest of Principles
Show Details55min 38s
Three New Trek Books to Put Under the Tree This Year!
Show Details52min 45s
Discovery Review: “Scavengers” (3.06)
Show Details56min 2s
Book Club: The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway
Show Details1hr 4min
What Do Discovery, Jeopardy, Janeway, & Badgey Have in Common?
Show Details32min 23s
Discovery Review: “Die Trying” (3.05)
Show Details45min 24s
Getting to Know Ketwolski
Show Details43min 45s
Discovery Review: “Forget Me Not” (3.04)
Show Details55min 53s
A Question of Pronouns
Show Details37min 28s
Discovery Review: “People of Earth” (3.03)
Show Details49min 56s
Book Club: Voyager: To Lose the Earth
Show Details1hr 5min
It’s Like Filming Star Trek on a Holodeck
Show Details34min 10s
Discovery Review: “Far From Home” (3.02)
Show Details39min 37s
Discovery Officially Renewed for Season 4!
Show Details31min 23s
Discovery Review: “That Hope is You, Part 1” (3.01)
Show Details53min 32s
Book Club: Devil in the Sky
Show Details46min 29s
Janeway is Back!
Show Details37min 28s
Lower Decks Review: “No Small Parts” (Season Finale!)
Show Details58min 54s
The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, Adjusted for Inflation
Show Details1hr 3min
Lower Decks Review: “Crisis Point” (1.09)
Show Details43min 17s
Book Club: TNG: Warped by Mike McMahan
Show Details46min 3s
Discovery Season Four in Production?
Show Details28min 39s
Lower Decks Review: “Veritas” (1.08)
Show Details36min 39s
(Another) Star Trek Movie Update!
Show Details40min 27s
Lower Decks Review: “Much Ado About Boimler” (1.07)
Show Details42min 5s
Book Club: Q-in-Law
Show Details55min 12s
Putting Away the Rod Roddenberry Bunting
Show Details49min 3s
Lower Decks Review: “Terminal Provocations” (1.06)
Show Details37min 30s
Happy Star Trek Day!
Show Details29min 50s
Lower Decks Review: "Cupid's Errant Arrow" (1.05)
Show Details40min 55s
Book Club: Hell’s Mirror
Show Details41min 35s
Steve Shives, Actually
Show Details43min 42s
Lower Decks Review: “Moist Vessel” (1.04)
Show Details37min 31s
Down the Charo Rabbit Hole!
Show Details28min 15s
Lower Decks Review: “Temporal Edict” (1.03)
Show Details37min 29s
Book Club: More Beautiful than Death
Show Details1hr 6min
More Short Treks?
Show Details28min 54s
Lower Decks Review: “Envoys” (1.02)
Show Details33min 7s
A 1930s Gangster Star Trek Movie?
Show Details30min 39s
Lower Decks Review: "Second Contact" (1.01)
Show Details50min 47s
Book Club: Strangers From the Sky
Show Details56min 31s
Emmy-Worthy Star Trek
Show Details35min 46s
Star Trek Universe at SDCC 2020!
Show Details40min 20s
Is it Canon?
Show Details59min 20s
The Lower Decks Trailer is Here!
Show Details1hr 5min
Taking Comfort From Star Trek in the Age of COVID
Show Details52min 23s
Cloudy With a Chance of Temporal Anomalies
Show Details36min 19s
Exploring Alternate Worlds with The Templin Institute
Show Details36min 27s
“You Can’t Be Afraid of the Wind”
Show Details33min 34s
Where is Prime Lorca?
Show Details28min 32s
Ryan’s “Star Trek INtakes”
Show Details35min 32s
Crystal Allen - Enterprise's "D'Nesh"
Show Details33min 26s
New Series! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Show Details36min 6s
Unanswered Questions: Origin of the Borg?
Show Details35min 53s
Unanswered Questions: Who is Future Guy?
Show Details34min 6s
The Romulan War Starring Scarlett Johansson
Show Details30min 40s
Star Trek Almost Killed Negan
Show Details31min 55s
You Are Not Alone
Show Details34min 8s
But Is He Still Picard?
Show Details31min 48s
Quarantined Without Picard
Show Details28min 22s
Romulans Battling Flowers
Show Details32min 40s
Putting Pieces Back Together
Show Details35min 36s
The Aliens Look Like Romans
Show Details45min 53s
This is Your Star Trek Life!
Show Details38min 36s
What the Heck is this Podcast About?
Show Details28min 50s