Classic Musicals From The Golden Age of Radio

Porchlight Music Theatre presents: Classic Musicals from the Golden Age of Radio. Here, host Michael Weber will introduce you to some of the great American musicals as they were originally presented on the airwaves. Performed live in front of a studio audience near the years the productions played on stage or were adapted as movies, you'll visit an era when Broadway was the central source for the launch of popular music and when stage actors were known by name across the land.


WPMT #12: Girl Crazy
Show Details1hr 22min
WPMT #11: High Button Shoes
Show Details35min 10s
WPMT# 10: Knickerbocker Holiday
Show Details1hr 4min
WPMT #9: No No Nanette
Show Details34min 33s
WPMT #8: Carmen Jones
Show Details1hr 22min
WPMT #7: The Boys From Syracuse
Show Details31min 20s
WPMT #6: The Gay Divorcée
Show Details33min 33s
WPMT #5: Good News
Show Details48min 7s
WPMT #4: Strike Up the Band
Show Details1hr 13min
WPMT #3: Lady in the Dark
Show Details1hr 3min
WPMT #2: Brigadoon
Show Details34min 58s
WPMT #1: Anything Goes
Show Details48min 30s