Porch Talk

Join Alan and friends as they talk about music, sports, culture, worldviews, and interesting stories. The show also features musicians and entrepreneurs as they come by to talk about their latest endeavors.


"Untapped & Vinyl XVIII: Making of a Record"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Cheyloe Martin and Kyle Sawhill at Little Italy's"
Show Details43min 59s
"Keith Gaskin for Mayor of Columbus, MS"
Show Details44min 1s
"Off the Deep End XIX: These Jokes Write Themselves"
Show Details1hr 38min
"Jimbo Mathus at the CAC"
Show Details24min 34s
"Unbridled & Untamed III: Star Destroying Black Hole"
Show Details57min 41s
"Joshua Purnell on the Tracks of Life"
Show Details47min 18s
"Cobb is Back with Popculture and Sports"
Show Details1hr 23min
"Off the Deep End XVIII: Transmission from Mars"
Show Details1hr 30min
"Unbridled & Untamed II: Mothers, Appropriation, and Friends"
Show Details59min 14s
"Unbridled & Untamed I: Roller Coasters, Robots, and Graphene"
Show Details57min 59s
"Aaron Head: Textile Artist, Art Studio Manager, Teacher"
Show Details1hr 25min
"Off the Deep End XVII: The White Pill"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Luke Wood and Josh Barron on Chasing a Dream"
Show Details45min 2s
"Andrew Nelson of the Great Peacock"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Untapped & Vinyl XVII: Local Scene and Cornelius Chapel"
Show Details1hr 24min
"Ian Crawford, This is Alabama"
Show Details2hr
"Early James and the Latest Returns"
Show Details1hr 12min
"Early James and the Latest Returns"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Terminally Surviving"
Show Details2hr
"Jack Thomason on Influences and Impressions"
Show Details1hr 1min
"Am I in the Word?"
Show Details1hr 48min
"Off the Deep End XVI: The Man Downtown"
Show Details1hr 29min
"96 Crayons"
Show Details1hr 28min
"Nose on the Grindstone"
Show Details2hr
"Off the Deep End XV: Looking Into the Void"
Show Details2hr 14min
"A Letter to the Jerky Man"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Untapped & Vinyl XVI: Hit the Sauce too Hard"
Show Details1hr 27min
"Porches, Food, College Football, and Movies"
Show Details1hr 36min
"David Weiss on Flat Earth"
Show Details39min 31s
"Off the Deep End XIV: Hello 2021"
Show Details2hr 2min
"Off the Deep End XIII: Bye 2020"
Show Details1hr 2min
"Nick Wade on the Faith and Feel of the Blues"
Show Details1hr 1min
"Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes at the Blue Front Cafe"
Show Details26min 33s
"Uncle Ben's Remedy"
Show Details1hr 18min
"Untapped & Vinyl XV: Resurrection of One and Innovators"
Show Details2hr 18min
Ryan Lee Crosby on the Feel and Transcendence of Music"
Show Details1hr 10min
"Off the Deep End XII: Spies and Aliens"
Show Details1hr 53min
"Alan Aldridge on Faith, Fear, Hurting, and Healing"
Show Details1hr 46min
"Robert Connely Farr, Ambassador of the Bentonia Style"
Show Details1hr
"Tim Higgins on His Songwriting Process and Moving"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Les Nuby on Playing and Tracking the Years"
Show Details1hr 8min
"Taylor Hunnicutt on Coming in Her Own"
Show Details1hr 2min
"B.B. Palmer 2.0"
Show Details1hr 3min
"J.C. Long on the Sound and Color of Passion"
Show Details2hr 3min
"Untapped & Vinyl XIV: Good News, Greater Music"
Show Details1hr 26min
"Untapped & Vinyl XIII: Blues & Cornelius Chapel"
Show Details1hr 39min
"RJ Williams on Living the American Dream"
Show Details1hr 22min
"Chad Fisher on Making Connections"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Janet Simpson, Safe Distance"
Show Details38min 16s
"Wes McDonald on His Music and Cornelius Chapel"
Show Details1hr 3min
"Halloween 2020"
Show Details2hr 6min
"Kyle Kimbrell on Influences and Growth"
Show Details40min 38s
"Christina Marie, Roll Baby Roll"
Show Details1hr 20min
"Sarah Lee Langford, Two Hearted Rounder"
Show Details31min 48s
"Jon Poor on Secret Stages of B'ham"
Show Details1hr 2min
"Cole Britt on College Towns and Cooking"
Show Details1hr 26min
"Fuzzy and the Rustbelts: Let's Go For a Ride"
Show Details44min 49s
"Off the Deep End XI: Worldviews, Angels, and Aliens"
Show Details1hr 29min
"Will Stewart on His Pursuit of Music"
Show Details47min 46s
"Taylor Hollingsworth Returns"
Show Details46min 4s
"Buckle Bunny"
Show Details43min 27s
"Jaco on Getting the Creativity Out"
Show Details43min 59s
"Bringing Back Sports with Tyler French"
Show Details1hr 3min
"Rebecca Egeland Band (REB)"
Show Details47min 16s
"The Plug that Guides You to the Real"
Show Details1hr 28min
"Lift Me Up"
Show Details1hr 18min
"Say It With Your Chest, Johnny!"
Show Details58min 47s
"Robby Amonett on Bull Riding and Art"
Show Details53min 55s
"Red Padilla on Honing and Owning Life"
Show Details1hr 35min
"Early James on Beginnings and Forming the Band"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Off the Deep End X: LanceArms, Roaches, and Getting Lost"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Dave Garrett on Creative Outlets"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Survival and Camping"
Show Details52min 19s
"Alex Hinton on Tattoos and Music"
Show Details1hr 26min
"Off the Deep End IX: Hangry Habitual Line Steppers"
Show Details1hr 8min
"C.T. Salazar on Form and Content of Poetry"
Show Details1hr 3min
"Phillip Savell on the Blues"
Show Details54min 4s
"Untapped & Vinyl XII: Punk Rock"
Show Details1hr 36min
"Fuzzy on Songwriting"
Show Details1hr 9min
"Off the Deep End VIII: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction"
Show Details1hr 8min
"The Red Clay Strays"
Show Details45min 28s
"Bo Hicks at Druid City Brewing"
Show Details1hr 25min
"Everybody, Love Everybody"
Show Details55min 31s
"AD Investing”
Show Details56min 33s
"Essential AF"
Show Details1hr 17min
"The First Round Picks Draft"
Show Details49min 35s
"Untapped & Vinyl XI: Bubbly Heads"
Show Details1hr 13min
"The Needle Tears a Hole II"
Show Details1hr 32min
"The Office Draft"
Show Details34min 36s
"Abe Partridge on Purity and Truth in Art"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Slumming It with Johnny"
Show Details1hr 13min
"The Villain Draft"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Cobb Quarantino"
Show Details59min 5s
"You Want the NFL?"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Matt Fout on the Tradition of Bow Making"
Show Details52min 44s
"Hayfitz on Creating a Space for Music"
Show Details41min 5s
"Agreeing to Disagree"
Show Details1hr 22min
"Untapped & Vinyl X: Quarantined"
Show Details1hr 28min
"Nick Shoulders on the Preservation of Genres"
Show Details55min 8s
"Xaris Waltman on Early Influences and Impressions"
Show Details35min 47s
"Ryne Meadow on Concepts and Making His Music"
Show Details1hr 17min
"David Newbould on Moving and Taking Chances"
Show Details1hr 23min
"Bad Little Kitty"
Show Details1hr 8min
"Off the Deep End VII: Corona Virus"
Show Details54min 4s
"Payton Trim on Inspiration and His Process"
Show Details35min 32s
"The Stifftones: One Year on the Road"
Show Details36min 4s
"The Krickets at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details36min 26s
"Punch Drunk & Throttles Stuck"
Show Details57min 33s
"What Should've Stayed Behind"
Show Details1hr 11min
"The Wonderful Music of Oz: Jimmy and Jason"
Show Details50min 17s
"Joe and Joseph MacGown: Cultivating an Art Scene"
Show Details41min 18s
"Katie Huston on Standing Out"
Show Details25min 31s
"Soulflower Healing Arts Studio"
Show Details1hr 8min
"Untapped & Vinyl IX: Running the Gambit"
Show Details1hr 18min
"Green Mantles"
Show Details54min 52s
"Causin' Trouble"
Show Details1hr 7min
"Geoff Smith on Star & Micey Becoming the Lifeboat"
Show Details1hr 10min
"Geoff Smith, Soul Shaker of Star and Micey"
Show Details1hr 1min
"Gabriel Bass and the Sippi Sand"
Show Details47min 5s
"Coley Johnson on Fostering the Youth"
Show Details1hr 59min
"Merry Christmas 2.0"
Show Details47min 55s
"Swing Life Away"
Show Details1hr 11min
"Chris Pureka at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details22min 38s
"Untapped & Vinyl X: Off the Deep Tap of Vinyl"
Show Details1hr 19min
"Nikki O'Neil on Recapping The Year"
Show Details57min 47s
"Fuzzy and Reflections of Yesterday"
Show Details1hr 16min
"In Retrospect, It's Right"
Show Details53min 21s
"JPKS & Spencer Thomas at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details55min 12s
"The Iron Bowl A-Hole"
Show Details49min 6s
"Untapped & Vinyl IX: Here's to You"
Show Details1hr 28min
"Deaf Rhinos"
Show Details1hr 12min
"Hartle Road"
Show Details54min 58s
"Predatory Playoff System"
Show Details58min 49s
"Off the Deep End VI: Something More"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Holiday Roll"
Show Details52min 45s
"Night Surf"
Show Details56min 57s
"Tip Toes: Halloween Part 2"
Show Details1hr 43min
"Really Bad Things is How I Got Here"
Show Details58min 6s
"Get Your Knife for the Murder Party"
Show Details1hr 13min
"Sylvia Rose Novak at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details38min 39s
"Garrett Howell on Making Something Out of Nothing"
Show Details51min 17s
"Nick Redmond and a Different Lens to See Through"
Show Details1hr 11min
"Tahj McKey and Beating the Heat:
Show Details50min 5s
"The Thief of Season's End"
Show Details1hr 21min
"Off the Deep End V: Time Traveling Vaper"
Show Details1hr 2min
"Jeremy Stanfill and Finding Your Way"
Show Details59min 6s
"Untapped & Vinyl VIII: Discovering Music"
Show Details1hr 18min
"Shawn James at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details35min 57s
"The Jimmy Redd Experience"
Show Details1hr 7min
"The Last Page"
Show Details1hr 30min
"Fuzzy Time"
Show Details54min 25s
"The Needle Tears a Hole"
Show Details1hr 22min
"Pop'eye'n a Wheelie"
Show Details1hr 52min
"Off the Deep End IV: Into the Sticks"
Show Details1hr 50min
"Taylor Hollingsworth at Druid City Brewing"
Show Details44min 25s
"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark"
Show Details1hr 19min
"Linda Marks: Social Architect & Musician"
Show Details54min 18s
"Mike Bibbs of Modern Convenience"
Show Details49min 38s
"Chris Grider: SAAB cars and East Nashville"
Show Details51min 37s
"Faye Webster at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details20min 33s
"Once Upon a Time in Kennedy"
Show Details56min 1s
"Erik Studdard and the World of Toy Photography"
Show Details58min 14s
"Shane Tubbs III: Epitome of Life"
Show Details1hr 49min
"Catching up with Camm Lewis"
Show Details1hr 36min
"Midsommar Knockout"
Show Details1hr 3min
"Noice Television"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Untapped & Vinyl VII: Our Playlist"
Show Details1hr 25min
"Shane Tubbs II: The Band and Acting"
Show Details58min 3s
"Off The Deep End III: Freedom"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Shane Tubbs: Musician, Actor, Skateboarder, and Gamer"
Show Details1hr 4min
Show Details1hr 13min
"Ross Newell at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details1hr 4min
"Off The Deep End II: WAR!"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Brad Armstrong, I Got No Place Remembers Me"
Show Details33min
"Untapped & Vinyl VI: Hill Country Blues"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Joshua Cosby and Celebrating the Arts"
Show Details1hr 11min
"Return of the Lindy's"
Show Details1hr 14min
"Off The Deep End"
Show Details48min 50s
"Untapped & Vinyl V: Making a Rockstar"
Show Details1hr 17min
"The Historic Elbow Room"
Show Details1hr 34min
"Untapped & Vinyl IV: Ska/Punk Rock"
Show Details54min 27s
"Will Johnson: Musician, Artist and Writer"
Show Details32min
"Nikki O'Neill and Finding Your Direction"
Show Details52min 56s
"Fuzzy and the Rustbelts"
Show Details1hr 1min
"The Stifftones"
Show Details42min 17s
"I Can Go, With The Flow"
Show Details53min 18s
"Coming Full Circle"
Show Details39min 43s
"The Wright Moves"
Show Details31min 8s
"Untapped & Vinyl III: Spirit of Radio"
Show Details46min 40s
"Untapped & Vinyl III: Dreams of Radio"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Logan Ferguson on Breaking the Acting Scene"
Show Details56min 47s
"Cinderella Stories and Mishaps"
Show Details49min 12s
"The Rarest Identity"
Show Details1hr 12min
"Bo Jeffares and the Creative Process"
Show Details1hr 10min
"Sarah Shook at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details44min 45s
"Beverly, My Old Friend!"
Show Details59min 55s
"Another One Bites the Dust"
Show Details40min 54s
"Erika Wennerstrom at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details47min 20s
"Untapped & Vinyl II"
Show Details48min 50s
"Hannah Guy and Finding Your Passion"
Show Details39min 22s
"Music Festivals and Disc Golf"
Show Details57min 41s
"Sorority Killer and What Not"
Show Details44min 35s
"Untapped & Vinyl"
Show Details1hr 6min
"Hunter Myers and Our Generation"
Show Details1hr 34min
"Pony Bradshaw at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details46min 52s
"Saving Country Music"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Somewhere Down The Road"
Show Details44min 3s
"Sam Lewis at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details37min 43s
"Munson and Brothers"
Show Details1hr 40min
"You Don't Want This Smoke!"
Show Details1hr 23min
"Throwing Hands and Shooting Guns"
Show Details56min 40s
"Soren Bryce at the Sunstroke House"
Show Details46min 40s
"Preparing for the Fight"
Show Details1hr 17min
"Mull It Over"
Show Details48min 26s
"The Sunstroke House"
Show Details1hr 7min
"Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"
Show Details1hr 2min
"Dog Days of Summer and How to Make Friends"
Show Details1hr 21min
Show Details1hr 46min
"It's A Great Day To Be Alive"
Show Details1hr 5min
"Good for Business"
Show Details1hr 42min
"The Fur Missile and Coming Together"
Show Details1hr 37min
"Musician, Entrepreneur and Craftsman"
Show Details57min 3s
"Music is Expression"
Show Details1hr 38min
"I Wanna Know, How Ya Know"
Show Details1hr 11min
"Turn Around"
Show Details51min 37s
"The Paranormal Experience"
Show Details1hr
"Something in the Way"
Show Details1hr
Show Details1hr 25min
"When the Fantasy Has Ended"
Show Details1hr 17min
"Every Possible Angle"
Show Details55min 20s
"Black Smoke Rising"
Show Details1hr 43min
"Seeing is Believing"
Show Details49min 32s
"In My Twenties, with a Vision"
Show Details51min 29s
"Rocky Mountains and Planes"
Show Details41min 33s
"Don't Read My Diary"
Show Details44min 59s
"False Start on Everyone"
Show Details34min 54s
"To Be or Not To Be"
Show Details47min 27s
Show Details51s