POPMuG! The Pinoy Online Pop Culture, Music and Gaming Podcast!

So, have you ever downed all the pop culture, music, gaming and online stuff, brewed in one funny pinoy mug in one sitting? Jump in power up your Nerd Cells and bring out the Geek Vibe; we are set to bring the age of Nerdom and Geekdom to the Philippines, even for a short while, every day, whether you're into tech, live streaming, online lifestyles, jams, movies, hobbies or simply out for a funky good time, this podcast will get you your fill of all your geeky needs from the 80's all the way into the current millennia!

We are from the Philippines and our family look towards bringing together artists, gamers, table-top hobbyists, music lovers, comic book enthusiasts, pop culture followers and foodies together, into one, solid, fun-filled community.

From the young to the young-at-heart, we aim to get everyone that share the same interests together and build a league of fun-loving, go-getting nerds and geeks.

We enjoy having fun with everyone that comes and visits this little playground, and help us in enriching this community that thrives in creativity, regales with nostalgia and looks to the future shenanigans of Pinoy Fun!

For a few moments a day, we want to share this hype – this dream with everyone; through a short review of tech, a run through of retro and classic games and shows, or a full feature-talk on a podcast, the idea of having talented, creative and fun-oriented Pinoy content at everyone’s fingertips, is what we live and breathe for.

The brew is made just for you, and this mug is on us - The POPMuG!


All the way through - The Dreams that Make Us Go!
Show Details13min 30s
The Secret Ingredient to an Epic Outcome
Show Details17min 22s
What Makes a Good Story-Teller - Advice from a Master
Show Details15min 12s
The Inception of a Legacy
Show Details15min 22s
The Genesis of Pinoy Mythos in Pop-Culture
Show Details15min 17s
Trese - Budjette Tan's Legendary Story-Telling
Show Details15min 31s
The Stories of Pinoy Pop Culture - Bayani, Anito and Trese
Show Details12min 16s
Gamer Bros Online
Show Details11min 59s
Superior Tech! What's on the Horizon for GameAko?
Show Details17min
The Right Key to a Gamer's Heart
Show Details16min 20s
The Life of Being In Game
Show Details15min 43s
The Advocacy of the Love of Gaming
Show Details15min 3s
For the Love of Gaming! - GameAko
Show Details14min 41s
Voice Acting and Creating a Community
Show Details14min
Trixter and Gori's own #dreambiggobigpinoy
Show Details14min 33s
The Back-to-Back Comeback! Now Serving a Triple!
Show Details15min 9s
Bottoms Up! Cheers to your 2nd Shot!
Show Details20min 53s
Reflecting the Experience
Show Details16min 6s
The New Age of Table-Top
Show Details21min 15s
Show Details15min 1s
The Reality, Reason and Resolve of Pinoy Table Top
Show Details15min 1s
The Philippine Table Top Experience!
Show Details15min 54s
The Big Boss Man and Champion of a Legacy
Show Details15min 40s
Unplugged in 2018 - Is it Still a Thing?
Show Details14min 30s
Fresh outta the Chamber and more of the Laughter!
Show Details15min
Darwin's Shadows and Serenity
Show Details17min 40s
The Creations of Darwin's Chamber
Show Details18min 16s
Deeper Into the Chamber and the Cavern of Thoughts
Show Details16min 11s
Darwin's Chamber of Thoughts
Show Details15min 9s
Show Details18min 11s
Show Details15min 45s
Combatron Home-Coming
Show Details25min 15s
The Ley line of Legacy
Show Details27min 38s
Welcome to A New Stage of History!
Show Details27min 3s
To Tart-finity and Beyond!
Show Details39min 1s
Let the Streams Begin!
Show Details29min 53s
Be BAG-gressive Gets it On!
Show Details29min 9s
A Wild Guest Entrepreneur Appeared!
Show Details27min 26s
Your POPMUG Is Served! EPISODE 1
Show Details32min 32s