167 - Could’ve Married Kevin

1h 17m | Feb 17, 2023
Ben and J discuss: Ystävänpäivä Day, imaginary friends, children’s shows, classroom seat placements, clean clothes, lanyards, random home ownership problems, and the Super Bowl. Show Notes: Inside Out -  Mickey Mouse ClubHouse -  Bluey -  Support the Show and Vote for Host:  Get your own GMA stickers:  Get Your Bingo Card:    Email the show:  Discuss the Podcast on Reddit:  Follow the Show on Twitter:  Follow SCB on Instagram:  Follow SCB on TikTok:  Discuss the Podcast on YouTube:    Alternate Titles:   Proof of Human Instinct Speaking of Digestion… PSA: Clean Your Dryer Vents  Dadding at 100% Absolutions to Weird Problems

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