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Welcome to your inside look at the world of podcasting. From technical tips and tricks to behind-the-scenes industry insights, Pop Up Podcasting is here to guide you through every step of content creation. With over a decade of experience in online audio and podcasts, our team takes the guesswork out of podcasting so that you can focus on creating great content, building a community, and having a positive impact. Let’s make podcasting easy, together.


Tips for Sound Design in Podcasting
Show Details8min 52s
Tips When Creating a Narrative Style Podcast
Show Details13min 42s
Should You Make a Narrative Style Podcast?
Show Details9min 59s
How Long Should Your Podcast Be?
Show Details12min 26s
Asking Questions as a Podcast Host
Show Details11min 52s
Our Favorite Podcast Editing Tips!
Show Details14min 34s
The Future of Podcasting After Covid
Show Details10min 58s
The Time Our Studio (Almost) Got Covid
Show Details12min 57s
Scripting Your Podcast Intro and Outro
Show Details12min 24s
Remote Podcast Recording
Show Details14min 54s
Coming up With a Podcast Topic
Show Details12min 58s
How and When to Use Music in Podcasting
Show Details12min 8s
Pop Up Podcasting - It's a Podcast!
Show Details32s