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Does the phrase "boss babe building her empire" make you want to throw up? Is your preferred state actually vegetative in front of reality tv? Do celebrities mean more to you than your family? If so, you've found your gals. Every Wednesday, join sister duo Lauren and Chanler, as they issue the hottest takes they can give without getting #cancelled...like the oppressive societal expectation that in addition to paying our bills, we also have to have impressive hobbies, or that the fastest way to get to know a man is to look at his IG explore page. Tune in every Wednesday to Pop Apologists, critically acclaimed as "absolutely so embarrassing for our family" by their mom.


128: Breaking Down Celebrity Plastic Surgery
Show Details53min 18s
127: RIP LIZ, Adam Levine 🐣 Cheats, Sister Wives Premiere, + Q & A
Show Details45min 28s
126: Meghan Markle Article PATREON DEEP DIVE Part 1 (of 4!)
Show Details52min 49s
125: Finally, The Truth About Meghan Markle
Show Details1hr 15min
124: TJ Maxx Epiphanies
Show Details41min 5s
Apologies 🍹
Show Details34s
123: Plant Medicine 101 ft. Weslie Christensen
Show Details1hr 12min
122: Relationship Q+A
Show Details48min 15s
Shania Doc & Wedding Planning REAL Talk *Teaser*
Show Details4min 32s
121: Skin Care Deep Dive ft. The Skin Clique
Show Details1hr 34min
120: Kim K's "No Filler," J-Lo 🍵, T-Swift's Terrible Taste, & Why We Worship Gwyneth Paltrow
Show Details51min 52s
119: Elon Musk's Spawn, Bennifer Honeymoon Lewks, & more Q + A
Show Details1hr 7min
118: Em Rata Divorce + Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Deep Dive Part II
Show Details56min 22s
Royals Deep Dive Pt. III "They F*d Him & Forgave Him" *Teaser*
Show Details3min 45s
117: 🏝 Vacay Report, Shacking Up, and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Deep Dive Part 1
Show Details59min 11s
116: American Romance ✨ Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Show Details59min 9s
115: Royals Deep Dive Pt. 2 Full Ep! Sexual Comfort Food
Show Details49min 32s
114: GP x Brad Pitt, Near Death Experiences & The Kardashian's Finale
Show Details47min 13s
Royals Deep Dive Part 1: NEVER AGAIN *Teaser*
Show Details10min 29s
113: Indy Blue Tells All
Show Details1hr 27min
Johnny v. Amber Parts 14-19 *Teaser*
Show Details2min 18s
112: Swandiving into Teal Swan 🦢
Show Details1hr 18min
111: Pop Apologists Q + A
Show Details55min 39s
Johnny v. Amber Part 13: Un Dia No Bueno para Johnny *Teaser*
Show Details1min 28s
Johnny v. Amber Part 12 🏴‍☠️ Amber's Cross Examination Concludes! ft. Our Dad *Teaser*
Show Details1min 20s
Johnny v. Amber Part 11: Amber's Cross Examination Begins *Teaser*
Show Details1min 29s
Johnny v. Amber Part 10 ft. Our Dad *Teaser*
Show Details1min 15s
Johnny v. Amber Part 9: 🔥 Asunder Down Under 🦘 *Teaser*
Show Details59s
110: All Things Celebrity Weddings
Show Details55min 33s
109: Catching Up With The Kardashians
Show Details1hr 2min
Johnny v. Amber Part 8 *Teaser* The PJ Ride from Hell 🎲 🛩🔥
Show Details3min 58s
Johnny v. Amber Part 7 *Teaser*
Show Details2min 51s
Johnny v. Amber Part 6 🔥🔥🔥 *Teaser*
Show Details2min 49s
108: Adding To Cart 🛍 with The Buy Guide
Show Details1hr 3min
107: American Romance ✨ JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette Deep Dive
Show Details1hr 18min
Johnny v. Amber Part 5 *Teaser*
Show Details1min 39s
Johnny v. Amber Part 4 *Teaser*
Show Details3min
Johnny v. Amber Part 3 *Teaser*
Show Details8min 20s
106: Johnny v. Amber Part 2
Show Details1hr 12min
105: Johnny v. Amber Trial Part 1
Show Details1hr 26min
104: Lying with the Lepers
Show Details58min 56s
103: Ask Lauren & Chanler II
Show Details1hr 5min
102: Death To The Mason Jar – The Wedding Episode ft. Michelle Martinez
Show Details1hr 25min
101: Ur Ancestors Want U 2 B Hot
Show Details52min 2s
100: Defending Deb ft. Our Mom
Show Details1hr 25min
99: Moment of Lift, Blah, Blah, Blah...
Show Details1hr 13min
98: Amber Fillerup Q&A ✨
Show Details1hr 8min
97: Mr. New York
Show Details1hr 3min
96: The Art of Watching Truly Rich People on TV
Show Details1hr 1min
95: Consumer Confessions, Lisa Barlow Hot Mic, & Secrets of Playboy
Show Details1hr 30min
94: Vacation & Vermin Demons
Show Details55min 25s
93: "Please Swear You Won't Listen to My Daughters' Podcast"
Show Details1hr 2min
92: Don’t Stop Believin', Mammals ❤️ The Dating Episode
Show Details56min 11s
91: Ask Lauren & Chanler
Show Details51min 3s
90: Olive Oil & Blood
Show Details54min 39s
89: Nowhere to Hide
Show Details47min 17s
88: 24 Painful Hours as a Vegetarian
Show Details17min 44s
87: Kimberly Kardashian, Esq.
Show Details33min 10s
86: GTFO
Show Details51min 16s
85: Hawaii Dispatch ft. Courtney Grow
Show Details54min 17s
84: Beauty Secrets 💅🏻 ✨
Show Details1hr 45min
83: All Too Fkn Well
Show Details52min 30s
82: Festival From Hell
Show Details57min 21s
81: Zayn vs. The United States of America
Show Details49min 57s
80: Pop Apologists Q&A
Show Details50min 54s
79: How You Get Him Is How You Lose Him
Show Details56min 52s
78: NYC in Ugg Boots
Show Details47min 36s
77: Don't Hate Us ft. Jena Kingsley
Show Details1hr 2min
76: Relationship Red Flags 🚩
Show Details56min
75: Never Trust a Man with a Pinterest
Show Details53min 3s
73: Going Broke in Greece & NYC
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus: Taylor Swift Deep Dive Pt. 2 ft. Joe Peacock
Show Details50min 55s
72: The Taylor Swift Deep Dive No One Asked For (ft. Joe Peacock)
Show Details1hr 4min
71: The War on IG Filters
Show Details1hr 1min
70: NYC Highs & Lisbon Lows
Show Details1hr
69: Spare the Cane, Spoil the Castrati
Show Details52min 19s
68: BTS of the Fine Jewelry Biz with Sara Vafi, Founder of Casita De Luz
Show Details1hr 22min
67: The Sibling Wealth Gap
Show Details46min 56s
66: Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef
Show Details1hr 12min
65: From Teenage Terrorist to Wise, Gentle Midwife with Ash Johnsdottir
Show Details1hr 19min
64: Big Feet and Walmart Meltdowns
Show Details50min 50s
63: The Testimony Heard 'Round the World #FreeBritney
Show Details1hr 5min
62: Growing Up Bledsoe + Skin Care Secrets with Ash Johnsdottir
Show Details1hr 21min
61: Selling Sunset Scoop with Mary Fitzgerald
Show Details1hr 4min
60: Fam Time Recap, Customer Service Meltdowns, Lilibet Diana, & Unseemly IG Behavior (Em Rata / Scott Disick 👀)
Show Details1hr 3min
57: Dieting, Plastic Surgery, & Inside Hollywood ft. Arielle Lorre
Show Details1hr 24min
56: Yachting Tea with Bugsy Drake of Below Deck Med!
Show Details1hr 32min
55: The Breakdown of Belinda Gates ft. D'Andra Simmons of RHOD
Show Details1hr 7min
54: RHOD, Earth Day Thirst Traps, #YogurtGate, & Songs That Stir Us
Show Details43min 1s
53: Not Skinny But Not Fat x Pop Apologists
Show Details1hr 33min
52: BTS of Building a Fashion Label with Damaris Bailey
Show Details1hr 13min
Bonus Episode: SoftBank is Hot
Show Details49min 44s
51: Doen Drama, Khloe PhotoGate, Shah-Ga Developments, & More
Show Details42min 14s
49: A Masterclass in Crisis PR with Kate Casey
Show Details1hr 17min
48: India Oxenberg x Pop Apologists
Show Details1hr 13min
47: Meghan & Harry vs. The Firm ft. Royal Historian, Andrew Hansen
Show Details1hr 17min
46: Lady Gaga's Dognapping, Prince Harry's PR Strategy, & Lauren's Polygamy Plug
Show Details37min 43s
45: Emo Kim K, Allen v. Farrow, Gen Z Attacks 💀, & Why You Don't Need Hobbies
Show Details51min 49s
44: Kancel Kendall
Show Details45min 59s
43: Dissecting "Framing Britney" ft. Pop Historian, Lee Thomas
Show Details47min 5s
42: Celeb Meltdowns & Mission Viejo Mall Memories ft. Lo VonRumpf
Show Details1hr 15min
41: Once Upon a Time in LA Advertising ft. Faith Ivory
Show Details1hr 15min
40: How To Make Him Fall In Love with Angie Harrington
Show Details1hr 18min
39: The Decline and Fall of the Kimye Empire ft. OG Pop Apologist Meggan
Show Details1hr 9min
38: New Year's Resignations
Show Details43min 43s
37: Q&A + The Crown Season 4 with BFF/Royal Historian, Andrew Hansen
Show Details1hr 8min
36: The Case Against Erika Jayne ft. OC Divorce Attorney, Our Beloved Dad
Show Details1hr 1min
35: The Bad Broadcast x The Pop Apologists
Show Details1hr 20min
34: Mr. & Mrs. Great Things I Bought
Show Details1hr 5min
33: Dr. Phil's Thanksgiving
Show Details1hr 3min
31: Sensual Oreos & ThanksgivingGate
Show Details1hr 2min
30: These Are Our Confessions
Show Details1hr 3min
29: Em Rata Reveals Pregnancy & Women Collectively Groan Across Earth's Surface
Show Details1hr 3min
28: There Must Be More Than This Provincial Life
Show Details58min 29s
27: Reformation Stock Plummets Thx 2 Lily James
Show Details1hr 9min
26: Breaking! David Foster "Excited" To Skip New Baby's Birth to Record Bublé's 12th X-Mas Album
Show Details1hr 18min
25: Faking Car Accidents & Flaking On Dates
Show Details1hr
24: Men Will Fail You Every Time
Show Details1hr 16min
23: Sinning With You
Show Details1hr 6min
22: Is This Funny? ...and Courtney Grow Q&A pt. 2
Show Details1hr 10min
21: Wedding Evacuations and Courtney Grow Q&A
Show Details1hr 1min
20: How to Work Soft and Influence No One
Show Details51min 7s
19: Diet Coke & Other Debauchery ft. Courtney Grow
Show Details57min 36s
18: Throw Your Moral Compass in the Garbage
Show Details47min 7s
17: Mom, Please Stop Listening
Show Details49min 25s
16: Roman Funeral
Show Details55min 46s
14: Yolanda We Stan
Show Details1hr 31min
13: None Other than Courtney Grow
Show Details57min 24s
12: Can I Speak to the Manager of This Drive Thru?
Show Details45min 52s
11: Views From the Top (of Lake Forest)
Show Details49min 18s
10: Can You Believe it, Girls?!
Show Details48min 36s
9: Whatever the Truth
Show Details52min 56s
8: Au Pair Nightmére
Show Details1hr 42min
7: It Just Wasn't What I Expected
Show Details50min 11s
6: Questionable Things We Bought
Show Details44min 44s
5: Child Activist Diaries, ft. Our Mom
Show Details1hr 10min
4: Message in a Bottle
Show Details55min 19s
3: Hello Sharks, Have I Got an Idea For You
Show Details56min 19s
2: My Blood Ran Cold
Show Details39min 21s
1: Off the Wagon, but Back in the Saddle
Show Details1hr 13min