Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters was a 1932 crime radio drama. Bruce Eells Associates produced this series which was syndicated to West Coast NBC radio stations. Each program lasted for about 15 minutes: music was featured in the first part of the show, an announcer would do a commercial or two, then the 12 minute episode would follow. A total of thirty-nine episodes were produced.

The program centered on a citizen reporting a crime via telephone and police use of two-way radio to set up a dragnet to find criminals and solve cases. While the programs were based upon actual cases, they were presented in the program as successfully solved, regardless of the actual outcome. The police in the drama would investigate a murder, a bank robbery, etc. and apprehend the perpetrators. In some cases the drama was identifying the perpetrator, while more often it was in apprehending them.


Telephone Suicide
Show Details12min 54s
Boxing Death Match
Show Details13min 1s
Tommy Wood Killed
Show Details13min 47s
Antonio Morretti
Show Details13min 56s
Laundry Truck Kidnapping
Show Details13min 58s
Helen Marsh Killed
Show Details14min 4s
Man Stealing Food
Show Details13min 49s
Payroll Shipment
Show Details13min 52s
Life Insurance Scheme
Show Details13min 52s
Jake Miller Knifed
Show Details13min 48s
Wagner Hotel Murder
Show Details13min 49s
Rod Dugan Murder
Show Details13min 48s
Silver Collection
Show Details13min 52s
Tommy Gun Murders
Show Details13min 43s
Mckenzie Death
Show Details14min 1s