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PokeTalk! Podcast

The PokeTalk! Podcast is a Bi-weekly podcast uploaded every other Sunday evening (6pm CST) hosted by Nate (@nppokmenon) & Phillip (@pbjcollectables).

We both had the Pokémon childhood many now share. Nate revived his collecting way back in 2007, while Phillip joined back in 2016 with another similarity, Pokémon GO! With our experience as our guide we hit on all things collecting, analysis, & trends in the hobby. Have questions? Leave them in a comment or reach out to us on our socials! 





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PokeTalk! Podcast #16 - KC Collect-a-Con Recap!
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PokeTalk! Podcast #15 - Other TCG's... Should Pokemon Worry?!
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PokeTalk! Podcast #13 - Will Pokemon Last 50 more Years?
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PokeTalk! Podcast #12 - Our Top 5 Favorite Cards!
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PokeTalk! Podcast #11 - Is Now The Time to Buy?
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PokeTalk! Podcast #10 - What would WE change in the Hobby?
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PokeTalk! Podcast #9 - Pokemon GO x TCG Collab!
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PokeTalk! Podcast #8 - Collection Goals
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PokeTalk! Podcast #7 - Morality in Pokemon
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PokeTalk! Podcast #6 - Our "Team" & Their Significance in the Hobby
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PokeTalk! Podcast #5 - Raw vs Graded & Grader Influence
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PokeTalk! Podcast #4 - Addiction, Obsession, & Passion
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PokeTalk! Podcast #3 - PSA Backlog & the Future of Slabs
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PokeTalk! Podcast #2 - 2020 Hype & Beyond
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PokeTalk! Podcast! #1 - Who Are We?
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