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Pointless & Confused

Two jerks argue, fight, swear and threaten each other while discussing their favourite films and albums.


Avenged Sevenfold, Hail to the King || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details32min 34s
Metal Lords || FILM REVIEW
Show Details27min 23s
GNR, Use Your Illusion II || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details41min 8s
The Prestige || FILM REVIEW
Show Details31min 29s
Michael Jackson, Bad || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details40min 52s
Back to the Future || FILM REVIEW
Show Details34min 2s
Weezer, Blue Album || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details31min 56s
Marilyn Manson, Mechanical Animals || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details37min 28s
The NeverEnding Story || FILM REVIEW
Show Details31min 49s
Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details33min 32s
The Last of the Mohicans || FILM REVIEW
Show Details37min 10s
White Zombie, Astro-Creep 200 || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details33min 15s
The Green Mile || FILM REVIEW
Show Details39min 39s
Bush, Sixteen Stone || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details36min 37s
Show Details39min 33s
Korn, Follow the leader || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details38min 38s
Red Notice || FILM REVIEW
Show Details32min 18s
The Beatles, Let it be || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details32min 6s
Collateral || FILM REVIEW
Show Details34min 21s
David Bowie, Let's Dance || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details37min 12s
Scary Movie || FILM REVIEW
Show Details32min 52s
Marcy Playground, self titled || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details34min 35s
Gravity || FILM REVIEW
Show Details35min 53s
Nirvana, Bleach || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details34min 11s
The Conjuring || FILM REVIEW
Show Details31min 32s
Metallica, Black Album || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details36min 7s
Silverchair, Neon Ballroom || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details31min 2s
Britney vs Spears || FILM REVIEW
Show Details34min 21s
Mr Bungle, California || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details31min 35s
Boss Level || FILM REVIEW
Show Details33min 34s
Tool, Aenima || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details39min 20s
Pearl Jam, Vs || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details37min 43s
Apollo 13 || FILM REVIEW
Show Details33min 43s
The Truman Show || FILM REVIEW
Show Details33min 43s
The Shins, Oh inverted world || ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details37min 23s
Dune, 1984 || FILM REVIEW
Show Details44min 20s