Podverse Podcast

Podverse podcast works toward Personal Growth, the development and strengthening of the social interpersonal relationship, and their difficulties.

Jason Moore's intention is to make Podverse a place to experience and to allow us to journey inside ourselves, to create understanding and a lasting change.

While providing a safe environment for personal reflection, offense is not to be used as an excuse to avoid those difficult situations. Maybe we will discover a new way of thinking or dealing with situations.

Whatever you as an individual pull from our journey is your own. Based on your hard work, decisions, actions, and outlook.

I look forward to growing together!

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Something may look different on the outside! - Episode 26
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The Privilege! - Episode 04
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It is not enough to be right! - Neil deGrasse Tyson - Episode 03
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Beginning the journey! This is me, where are you? - Episode 01
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Is this Journey different? - Episode 02
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