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Former Sequester Mini Juror TR and Sequester Mini Winner Louie go over all the social politics, strategy, backstabbing, fights, and fun of each and every online Sequester Mini game. Live video versions of this podcast stream every Saturday and Sunday at 12PM EST (aside from special event coverage or cancellations) to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Sequester is a week long strategic social game created by the ominous and mysterious, Sequester Bot. Sequester Mini is a 4-5 hour online version of this same game wherein 18-20 players bounce around between 5 different video chat rooms navigating ever-changing rounds and twists trying to ensure safety and eliminate targets until only two people are left and a winner is crowned by a jury of their eliminated peers.

Minis take place every Friday night and Saturday night at 8PM EST (aside from special event times or cancellations) and has a live audience of several hundred to several thousand active and engaged people watching and chatting along (the players cannot see this chat and are isolated solely to the game's 5 video chat rooms).

Visit to watch a mini. There are 8 videos on this page, only 6 you will actively need:

The first two are instructional videos for new viewers (however they also play one of these at the top of the game) so you can ignore these for the sake of consuming a mini. The third is Audrey/Sequester Bot's main host cam which is the only YouTube hosted video you should be touching (you will want to keep this "LIVE" at all times and do not mute or pause as this camera is how votes, rules, and twists are announced throughout). The final 5 videos are the live chat rooms the players are in. These are all hosted on Twitch. It is recommended that you keep all of these playing at all times and simply mute whichever room you are not currently focusing on. If you would like to follow along with the live chat simply open up the main host cam's video by clicking it and a new tab will open with the exact link the video is currently being live streamed to. Join in the fun and chat along!

Aside from special events, each mini is a Patron Mini consisting of members to the Sequester Patreon page. If you or someone you know would like to play a mini of your own and potentially appear on this show to talk about it after visit and become a member today!

You can follow hosts TR and Louie on twitter @trconrady and @rankandrate respectively.


Friday May 1st Mini Recap with Sharifa, Bryce, Allison, and Braden!
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