You probably have a great idea for a show...But I have to ask.

Season 3 | Episode 2
14m | Jun 8, 2021

Welcome to the all-new Podcast Whisperer, this is a 5 part mini-series on how to podcast from idea to launch to monetization! 

Episode 2:

You probably have a great idea for a show. What is your show about?

Why would anyone listen?

I talk about the Theme and format of your podcast

Write a sentence or 2 about your podcast something that benefits from the listeners POV 

What goes into formatting your show?

What the tone of your podcast?

Is your content time-sensitive or evergreen?

There no one size fits all approach for production or for episode frequency and length.

Consistency is KEY if you say your gonna post every week DO it so your listeners know when they can get the new material.

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