The Deluxe Corner

Hi Welcome to our first Podcast video.We aim to create a platform for the average church goer to just chat informally, about topics myself (IJ) & Vinh, are passionate about. We hope to have many more guests from our church family / friends and hear about their opinions, their lives and their stories. Disclaimer : we are just average christian guys, so please do not take anything we say as an absolute truth or 100 percent correct, its just our opinions on matters, our reflections on topics. please enjoy. God bless


The Deluxe Corner Episode 2 Part 2
Show Details45min 9s
The Deluxe Corner Episode 2 Part 1
Show Details42min 4s
The Deluxe Corner Episode 1
Show Details46min 24s
The Deluxe Corner Pilot episode
Show Details39min 21s