Podcast Overhaul

Podcast Overhaul was created to provide you with helpful hints, tips and strategies you need to help you get the most out of your podcast every episode...ALL in 10 minutes or less.


How Can You Optimize Your Podcast for SEO?
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How to Hack Your Podcast Using Social Media
Show Details4min 36s
How To Record a Podcast Interview with a Remote Guest
Show Details5min 8s
Podcast Directories You Should Be Looking Into
Show Details4min 16s
USB Vs. XLR Microphone: Which Is Better For Podcasting?
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What Audio File Format Should I Use For My Podcast?
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How to Optimize Your Show Notes!
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Let's Talk About Cover Art!
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Fix it in Post!
Show Details4min 26s
What's a DAW?
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Mic Check
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Sound Check
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Welcome to Podcast Overhaul!
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